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What effect does the non-drying label is?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-03
What effect does the non-drying label is? < br / > < br / > hello, I am a small make up. To introduce the non-drying label today have what effect? The following content by the small make up, relevant content for reference. < br / > < br / > < br / > < br / > tag is used to mark your target classification or content, like you to determine the key words, your goal is to facilitate your own tools and others to find and locate their own goals. The continuous development of the widely application of labels and tags variety naturally promote the development of the label printing technology. Label printing cover the flat, convex, concave, mesh, all printing way, application of different from country to country. However, can be seen from the development trend of global label in recent years, flexographic printing, narrow rotary printing, digital printing in Europe and the United States as a new bright spot, label printing is also the development trend of label printing. < br / > < br / > the current domestic label printing mainly adopts letterpress, offset printing, flexo printing and screen printing several ways, from a technical point of view, these come in different printing way, has its inherent advantages and disadvantages, no printing method can replace another way. < br / > < br / > offset printing is a way of printing, widely domestic sheet-fed printing basic is offset printing, this way of printing speed, high printing resolution, overprint accurate, printing level full, but shallow, poor durability and ink layer is not suitable for printing color bright label product. < br / > < br / > duplicate letterpress graphic clarity is good, high printing speed, strength and durability than offset printing color, slightly worse than silk screen printing, but the level and accuracy are better than screen printing and flexo, therefore our country mostly adopts letterpress printing labels in the form of production. < br / > < br / > is a large screen printing ink layer thick, good covering power, but the level of slow and reflect poor, sets of low accuracy ( This refers to the domestic general level, the silk screen printing machine alignment precision of research and development in recent years has reached 10, 6000 printing speed per hour) , so the silk screen printing machine can be used to label printing administrative levels is not strong. < br / > < br / > flexible printing printing quality characteristics is centered, abroad use this way to print more labels, but the technology of anilox roll processing and high requirement of the technical level of workers, while the machine is simple but the process is quite complex, in this way in domestic printing labels. < br / > < br / > if you want to print out the fine label, you need to in the heart of the printing process of various effective unifies in together, will integrate the advantages of different printing way, forming a larger advantage combination. < br / > < br / > shenzhen frequently xin adhesive products co. , LTD is mainly engaged in shenzhen the non-drying label, color printing | self-adhesive label, color | Japan | mobile phone protective film color printing | tablet protective film printing, printing, label printing, etc. Series of products. < br / > < br / > if you want to learn more about the non-drying label industry information, welcome to login our website, we will bring you more practical knowledge. www。 lg - 打印。 com
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