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What effect can creative label design bring to the brand

by:LG Printing     2021-08-24

The 'Lyrics Bottle' label with a QR code printed on the coffee cup labels on the Internet. The creative Coca-Cola 'Lyrics Bottle' is all the rage in China. In the initial launch of the 'Lyrics Bottlelyrics. 'You are my most important decisionBody.

In order to give the 'Lyrics Bottle' the real 'singing' function and the fun of sharing, A QR code is also printed on the label of the Coca-Cola bottle. Consumers only need to scan the QR code on the label to enter the WeChat page, and they can see the flash animation created based on the lyrics. They can also click to listen to the original music and forward it to WeChat Moments. The mineral water label with 'news' prints newspaper news directly on the packaging of the mineral water bottle. This label is inspired by the Mainichi Shimbun in Japan. The news agency's investigation found that with the gradual marginalization of paper media, fewer and fewer young people buy newspapers every day.

So they decided to print the 'Daily News' on the bottle of mineral water, so that young people would have an extra channel to read the newspaper. During the sales process, the price of this 'news bottle' mineral water was also reduced by half. In one month, every retail supermarket sold an average of 3,000 bottles of such mineral water. This kind of label made with newspaper news not only did not reduce the style of the packaging design, but also improved the identification of mineral water on the shelf. Using the mobile phone to scan the interactive code information attached to the bottle, customers can also view more and more detailed news in real time. This innovative method highlights the news value of the product and realizes the seamless integration of virtual information and the real environment.

The natural and innovative Nongfu Spring label. The 17th International Food and Beverage Outstanding Creativity Award (fabawards) was held in London, England. The award ceremony was held in London, England. The only Chinese work that was shortlisted— —The packaging design of Nongfu Spring's natural mineral water in glass bottles won the fab best work award (fabulous) and the non-alcoholic beverage packaging design gold award (fab). This is the only work in the packaging design category that has won these two awards at the same time, and it is also the first time that a Chinese product has won the award. This Nongfu Spring glass bottle has a lower body shape design, giving a sense of stability and reliability. Its label is based on the Changbai Mountain flora and fauna as a background pattern, highlighting Nongfu Spring’s pursuit of natural water quality. The shape of the whole bottle body is like the drop of water, which conveys the characteristics of the product very well, and is full of innovation and enlightenment.

The label of Nongfu Spring’s bottled water subverts the image of the traditional water label. The design is simple and clear, and has a strong visual impact. It restores the flora and fauna of the water source. The image explains the cultural heritage of being close to nature, deepens consumers' understanding of water sources and trust in water quality, and demonstrates the brand's humanistic spirit and self-confidence and generosity characteristics. Other related introductions Because laboratories have higher requirements for ultra-low temperature storage environment, such as dry ice storage temperature is -80℃, liquid nitrogen storage temperature is -196℃, ordinary self-adhesive labels cannot meet this requirement, and must be used Low-temperature-resistant self-adhesive labels, so low-temperature labels should be born from time to time.

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