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What do you know about the characteristics of the agricultural product traceability system for one item and one code?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-30
With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s consumption levels have generally increased. When faced with the temptation of various foods, have you ever wondered whether the quality of this food can pass the test? When faced with a dazzling array of foods, we have a kind of thinking in our hearts The feeling of wanting but not wanting. After all, the technology of the counterfeiting industry is also very powerful now. When we choose products, we still have some concerns, especially agricultural products. Everyone can’t do without eating vegetables. Vegetables are used by the human body every day. There are a lot of nutrients in it. Therefore, it is not easy for people to eat healthier agricultural products. With the traceability system of one product and one yard of agricultural products, we can be completely relieved. Its emergence makes our lives more beautiful. Next, the editor will introduce the traceability system of one product, one code of agricultural products and its characteristics.

  The characteristics of the traceability system for agricultural products include the following points:

  1. Transparency of traceability process: one item, one code, agricultural product traceability system Emphasizes the participation of every agricultural product supply chain member, and emphasizes the openness and transparency of information in each key link, thus increasing the transparency of agricultural product traceability. It allows consumers to understand the product more clearly.

  2. The standardization of traceability information: The one-code agricultural product traceability system based on the key technology of agricultural product traceability realizes the standardization of traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, among the members of the agricultural product supply chain, and the supply of agricultural products The sharing and exchange of information between the chains are realized.

  3. Diversity at the traceability level: At the regional level, the traceability system of one product, one code of agricultural products can trace a country, a region, an enterprise to a specific production and management link; from the product level, the traceability of agricultural products The system can trace the source of a product, a batch, a product, and a specific raw material. Therefore, the traceability level of the traceability system of one item one code agricultural products is flexible and diverse.

  4. Timeliness of traceability data: A network-based agricultural product traceability system can quickly locate the range of problematic agricultural products at risk with the help of the network environment, release risk information in time, and immediately carry out agricultural product recalls, effectively preventing the proliferation of problematic agricultural products and ensuring protection The health of consumers is not threatened.

  5. Flexibility in traceability operations: The traceability system of one item and one code can directly apply key technologies for traceability of agricultural products such as species identification technology, electronic coding technology, and automatic identification and data collection technology, which will help enhance the collection of traceability information of agricultural products. Processing, transmission and application capabilities to improve the flexibility of agricultural product traceability operations.

  6. Confidentiality of traceability data: In the process of collection, processing, transmission and application of traceability information of agricultural products, the one-code agricultural product traceability system focuses on strengthening the protection of commercial secret information such as product formulas and sales statistics of agricultural product supply chain members , In order to improve the confidentiality of agricultural product traceability data.

   One item one code agricultural product traceability system brings us many benefits. It allows us to be more assured when choosing products, and to choose more casually when facing food, without having to worry a lot. , Can know the quality of agricultural products more clearly and clearly. While helping consumers, it also facilitates the management of agricultural production enterprises. They can save a lot of manpower, and the traceability system of agricultural products can also have a marketing model. , While doing its own products, it also promotes more for the company. The above is the traceability system and its characteristics that Shanghai Shangyuan editor introduced for you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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