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What do you know about the advantages of food traceability systems?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-28
Every creature and everyone cannot do without eating, because eating is the source of energy to live. Only better eating can have better exercise and complete the functioning of the body. Then, with the development of science and technology, more and more criminals have begun to take advantage of the loopholes. In the past few years, clenbuterol, fake eggs, and fake milk powder have been exploded, making consumers worry when buying food. Then, How can we prevent it? How can we better buy qualified products? The emergence of the food traceability system has brought us great convenience, so that we can be more assured when buying goods, because it can directly trace the source. Next, the editor will introduce the advantages of the food traceability system.

The advantages of    food traceability system include the following points:

  1. Enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market: Brand enterprises can reduce costs. Brand enterprises spend a lot of money every year to fight counterfeiting and counterfeit goods. The traceability system not only provides transparent and traceable information, but also prevents counterfeiting and counterfeiting goods. In the specialty and brand food industries, the application of the traceability system can enhance the company's assurance of customer quality, allowing the company to stand out from the crowd.

  2. Containing counterfeit and inferior products: The retrospective anti-counterfeiting function can curb fake products, counterfeit products, and shoddy uncivilized commercial behaviors, so that more customers are exposed to products that can be checked and learned. For enterprises, counterfeit or inferior products may not be completely eliminated, but through the implementation of scientific and technological means, the market space for counterfeit and inferior products can be further compressed.

  3. Protect the rights and interests of customers: This is a point that customers care about. Through the traceability system, the problematic food has nowhere to hide. The strict food traceability system can accurately locate the problem of the problem food in which link is the production, processing, storage, transportation, and sales, so that the person in charge cannot shirk responsibility. The information traceability is traceable, and the information about the product when the customer purchases is more transparent. When the product has quality problems, the complete traceability chain makes the rights protection legitimate.

  4. More information on display products: In layman's terms, food traceability means knowing where the food comes from, what ingredients are in it, who produces it, who stores and transports it, who sells it, and has anti-counterfeiting inquiries . Once you find that the food you eat is not good, you can immediately follow up upstream to find out where the problem lies. In the follow-up, companies can also collect a big data information about market sales and customer groups through the collection of regional data by scanning codes.

  5. Favorable government supervision: Once the government, food company or individual customers find substandard food, they can quickly trace the circulation traces of the problematic food through the food traceability system, quickly find out where the problem is, and seal it up in time Or recall the problematic food flowing out of the contaminated link to limit the hazards to a smaller range.

   The quality of food is a big problem. It is related to the health of each of us. Therefore, both companies and consumers should pay great attention to it. Food is what you eat in your stomach, and its quality directly determines Our physical condition must be very careful. With the food traceability system, we can check carefully when we buy food, and we can know the origin, growth, processing, transportation, etc. of our products, a series of Information, so the food traceability system plays a key role in our lives. The above are the advantages of the food traceability system introduced to you by the editor of Shanghai Shangyuan. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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