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What do you know about the advantages and applications of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-26
The development of science and technology promotes the progress of society. The progress of the times shows that the consumption level of the people has increased. At the same time as the improvement, the requirements for products have also increased. Not only must the quality of the products be qualified, but also ensure that the products you buy are qualified products. At this time, anti-counterfeiting labels It plays a decisive role. It can assist consumers to check the authenticity of the goods, and it can also help companies complete secondary marketing. It can be described as a small label and a lot of energy. Do you think the editor wants to introduce the QR code anti-counterfeiting label, no, no, no, today the editor will introduce other labels, which are self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. Next, the editor will introduce you to the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. What are the advantages and applications?

  First of all, the advantages of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels include the following points:

  1. Product image, products with self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels make consumers feel relieved;

  2, the products have more specifications, and the consumption of products with self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels feels that they are qualified and regular products;

  3. The sales volume has a promoting effect. For the same product, consumers will choose products with self-adhesive labels;

  4. Intangible publicity. When customers inquire, they will be prompted as a qualified product of XX company, which has passed XX certification;

  5. The price of each self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label is very low, which saves business operating costs;

  6. Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels can provide many value-added services to products, such as anti-sweeping, membership points, prize promotions, etc.;

  7. Non-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels play a finishing touch in product sales, because only good products can be guarded against. No matter whether your products are expensive or not, it is recommended to stick a self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label;

  8. Counterfeit labels can manage the market well. Other functions can be added to the production of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. It is not only simple anti-counterfeiting, such as adding logistics codes, information management of products, and saving manpower input.

  Secondly, the application scope of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels includes the following points:

  1, medicine: OTC, general medicine, clinical medicine;

  2, health care products: basic nutritional type, enhanced supplement type, functional type, functional factor type;

  3. Plant protection: pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, plant protection machinery;

  4. Cosmetics: skin care products, color cosmetics;

  5. Clothing: men's wear, women's wear, children's wear;

  6. Accessories: clocks, necklaces, rings, jade accessories;

  7. Food: Grain and products, edible oil, sterilized fresh milk, dairy products, aquatic products, canned food, sugar, cold food, beverages, distilled wine, mixed wine, fermented wine, condiments, soy products, cakes, candy Candied fruit, pickles, health food, new resource food;

   8. Toys: remote control toys, electric toys, inertial toys, musical instruments toys, wire control toys, voice control toys, force control toys, flashing toys;

  9. Credentials: graduation certificate, ID card, driver's license, ticket, VIP card, VIP card.

   The existence of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels, although there is no QR code anti-counterfeiting label recognized by the general public, but its frequency is still high on the goods, but you did not pay attention to it, and think it is still a QR code anti-counterfeiting label It is more common, self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label, its appearance is also very beautiful and generous, and its anti-counterfeiting performance is similar to that of QR code anti-counterfeiting label, so I still feel that we should pay more attention to other anti-counterfeiting labels. The above is my introduction to the advantages and applications of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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