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What do you know about product traceability applications played by blockchain?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-19
In this technologically advanced society, anti-counterfeiting labels have played a very important role in our daily lives. In recent years, blockchain has become more popular. When it comes to blockchain, do you think it is very familiar? It is based on anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and supply chain. Its functions are diversified, and its traceability function can serve our consumers very well. Moreover, the use of blockchain is also very extensive. Industry, compare Jingdong, etc. Next, the editor will introduce to you what applications the blockchain plays for product traceability.

  The principles and applications of blockchain in product traceability include the following:

  1. Product information is traceable in real time throughout the whole process:

  The essence of traceability is information transmission, and the blockchain itself is also information transmission. The data is made into blocks, and then private keys are generated according to related algorithms to prevent tampering, and then time stamps are used to form a chain, which is exactly the same In the commodity market process production model, commodity circulation itself is process-oriented, raw materials are produced through a series of processes from the source of production, and the information is also derived from the information of the source of production to the information of processing, from raw materials to processing to circulation. Sales is a chronological process. The information in the blockchain is also chronologically sorted and traceable in real time. The two are just the same.

  2, product information cannot be tampered with:

  The technical characteristics of the blockchain are decentralized storage, which does not depend on a certain organization or individual, and uses credible technical means to publicly record all information; on the public ledger, the data on the chain is time-stamped and cannot be Tampering, once non-tamperable information is established, it is equivalent to determining the only identity of real-world commodities in the Internet world, and the corresponding information will always be recorded on the chain, and all tracking and circulation based on this identity are realized. recording.

  3. Effective prevention of commodity fraud:

  Because the information on the chain cannot be tampered with at will, the information of every link of the product from production to transportation to sales must be recorded on the blockchain to ensure the uniqueness of the product, so fake information cannot be Enter the blockchain system. Unless a certain manufacturer (node) on the chain deliberately replaces genuine goods with fake goods, even then, the genuine goods replaced by him will not be sold, and doing so will produce negative benefits for him.

  4. Reduce logistics costs:

   The data on the blockchain is stored, transmitted, verified, and analyzed by the regulatory department, and transferred between different departments to achieve unified vouchers, whole-process records, and corporate credit, which can effectively solve the problem of multi-party participation, Information fragmentation and repeated audits in circulation links reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency.

   The above is the use of blockchain in product traceability introduced by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about anti-counterfeiting labels. You can consult, Shanghai Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting technology company based on the technical support of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The company uses anti-counterfeiting labels, QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting management system, and traceability system. As the core, it provides users with anti-counterfeiting label production and printing, anti-counterfeiting system development, etc. The company is a high-tech company with blockchain anti-counterfeiting and blockchain traceability as its advantageous industrial projects.

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