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What circumstance with low temperature resistant self-adhesive label?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-28
Low temperature resistant self-adhesive label, as the name implies, is used in low temperature, cold storage environment the non-drying label, so we why can't a cold storage environment using ordinary adhesive? Low temperature resistant adhesive what advantage? Small class for you.

1, cold storage environment is characterized by high humidity, low temperature, if the exercise of ordinary tag in cold storage, easy to deformation, wrinkle, fall off.

2, if it is a good adhesive labels put cold storage at room temperature, then the non-drying label in front of the paper is to choose a certain scale.

3, a lot of frozen food packaging of irregular shape, will cause the rubber surface and posted the contact area of content decreases, so the glue of the cryogenic liquid must be better, otherwise easy to edge case become warped and loss of the danger.

low temperature below the non-drying label is at 0 degrees Celsius using adhesive material, adhesive materials commonly used in our lives because of the glue is only applicable to use interesting condition, once used in low temperature, as well as frozen state, self-adhesive materials will appear degumming, glue viscosity, the non-drying label material case become warped phenomenon, and the low temperature resistant self-adhesive label tolerated low temperature and the temperature change.

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