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What can I see for invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-29
With the continuous addition of counterfeit and inferior products, anti-counterfeiting labels have now deepened into all aspects of people’s lives. Whether it is daily necessities or food packaging, you will see some anti-counterfeiting labels, these are paper-coated, or inkjet labels, or maybe There are so many QR code anti-counterfeiting labels, and fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels seem to have been forgotten by us. Next, I will introduce fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels.

  一. Principle and production

   This kind of anti-counterfeiting label uses ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting technology. Some special fluorescent inks on the label are indistinguishable and invisible to the naked eye. If you want to see it, you have to use a fluorescent lamp to irradiate it with ultraviolet light. .

  Light ink is made of fluorescent material dissolved in corresponding resin, and its main anti-counterfeiting component is fluorescent fabric. Fluorescent pigment is a kind of luminescent material. It is a substance that can emit light. The substance absorbs the energy of solar radiation under the irradiation of sunlight, stores it, and then expresses it in the form of heat, or emits a photochemical reaction, or the energy is visible light The form exudes.

  When the incident light disappears, the fluorescent material immediately stops emitting light. Normally, the fluorescent material is irradiated with invisible light to emit visible light, so that the naked eye can perceive the color of the light.

  二. Role

   Some of the barcodes on the market use barcodes to prevent counterfeiting, but the barcodes are simply damaged during the anti-counterfeiting process. The data stored in this way cannot be traced to the source of the goods, and the invisible anti-counterfeiting code is used during the process. The use of barcodes and fluorescent serial codes makes the technology more preemptive and confidential, and solves most companies' losses due to the problem of fleeing goods.

  三. Advantages

  1. Hiding sex

  Using two layers of anti-counterfeiting inks, the fixed text, pictures, numbers or fluid numbers are printed on the anti-counterfeiting label, and the hidden technical place can not be found by the naked eye and touch.

  2. Invisibility

   When distinguishing its authenticity, it is necessary to use a special inspection instrument. The liquidity number of this technology can be used for anti-sweeping goods, which can achieve the effect of anti-sweeping goods without using the anti-sweeping system. The technology is an invisible technology, which is not easy to be detected and imitated. Invisible passwords and barcodes can be corresponded to track the method of damaging the label and reaching the goods.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting

   Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label adds fluorescent anti-counterfeiting to the usual digital anti-counterfeiting label. The authenticity information can be checked through a specific ultraviolet device, and at the same time, the anti-counterfeiting label produced by the company's anti-counterfeiting system can be used to verify its authenticity. The addition of fluorescent anti-counterfeiting is that many companies have improved their anti-counterfeiting function in order to leave an invisible secret mark. It can be used as a separate anti-counterfeiting label or as an invisible anti-counterfeiting technology, and its function is greatly improved.

   Four. Field

   invisible colorless anti-counterfeiting ink, easy-to-use anti-counterfeiting ink. Normally, it is white or colorless, and does not display color when printed on paper or plastic film. It is very suitable for anti-counterfeiting packaging for official letters, certificates, and high-grade tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other commodity brands; currently on the market There are certain uses, mostly used in various industries such as fireworks and firecrackers, tobacco and alcohol distribution.

   is very simple in terms of anti-counterfeiting detection, and the material is anti-counterfeit operated by the naked eye. It is only necessary to use fluorescent light to illuminate the logo during identification, and the pattern will be displayed. When the light stops irradiating, the phenomenon will disappear. It is reversible. Advanced anti-counterfeiting technology.

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