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What are the ways to distinguish the authenticity of Yuxi cigarettes?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-17
Yuxi Tobacco is abbreviated as Yuxi, which is a long cigarette brand produced by Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. The predecessor of Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. was Yuxi Tobacco Redrying Factory, which was founded in 1956. But nowadays, counterfeiting is serious, and the market is full of fake and inferior Yuxi cigarettes. How can we distinguish the authenticity? Let's take a look at the anti-counterfeiting query method to identify the authenticity of Yuxi cigarettes.

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   1. How to distinguish the authenticity of Yuxi cigarettes:

  1. Identification from transparent paper: real smoke from the outside sees transparent paper with high transparency, thin and bright plastic film, good surface gloss, smooth, soft, and elastic when touched by hand, it feels thinner and tighter with the inner plate The sticking together is very flat, and the elasticity is moderate. Fake cigarettes generally have poor texture and lack of transparency and smoothness. The general film is thicker, the brightness is not enough, and the inner packaging paper is also undulating. Looking through the film, the transparency of the cigarette box will be poor. If you touch or push it with your hands, you will feel this when you touch it after opening it. This kind of film is thick and hard.

   2. Identify from the color and luster: If you compare the real and fake cigarette packs, the fake cigarette packs are more realistic, and there are still color differences compared with the real cigarette packs. The surface of the real cigarette stick box is glossy, the color is even, the printing is clear, the bronzing is bright, and the color is bright; the fake cigarette is generally dark in the bronzing, the color is uneven, the surface gloss is poor, and the printing font is blurred.

  3. Identification from the cut tobacco: The cut tobacco of real tobacco has natural color, good gloss, and oily feeling. Because the stems are not easy to burn and easy to extinguish, the regular manufacturers have carried out puffing treatment on the stems during production. Thin and soft; fake tobacco shreds are leftovers of cigarettes or untreated low-quality shreds. To confuse consumers, sulfur fumigation and hydrogen peroxide decolorization are generally used, and some even add industrial dyes. Although the cut tobacco appears bright, a closer inspection will reveal that the cut tobacco has a darker color and a rough surface.

  4. Identification from the flammability: real cigarettes have good flammability, they will ignite statically after being ignited, and genuine cigarettes will not extinguish; on the one hand, fake cigarettes will affect the flammability of cigarettes due to the uncoordinated ratio of chlorine and potassium contained in cut tobacco ; On the other hand, because the stems in the fake cigarettes are not puffed, there are stalks and stalks inside, and the flame is often stalled.

   5. Identification from the ash: The color of the ash is affected by the dryness of the tobacco leaf. When the tobacco leaf is dry, the ash will be grayish white after burning, otherwise it is darker and difficult to smoke. From the perspective of soot, it should be observed during combustion to see if there are more stems in the cut tobacco. When more stems appear, the cigarette may be fake.

   6. Open the package, take out the two cigarettes, look at the tin foil inside, whether there is a machine indentation (full circle) about 8mm from the top. The fake cigarette has no indentation.

  7. Look at the filter. Two circles of small holes are clearly visible as fake cigarettes. If you can’t see it, light up the cigarette and inhale it in your mouth, pinch the middle of the cigarette with your fingers to prevent it from venting, and blow the smoke into the filter. Two circles of black dots are real smoke, and the ones that don’t appear. For fake cigarettes.

   8. Break the cigarette from the joint of the filter, peel off the tipping paper to see the length of the filter, the inner end is located; the middle part of the word Yuxi is real smoke, and the one located at or below the two gold lines is fake cigarette.

   This is the end of the anti-counterfeiting inquiry method for distinguishing the authenticity of Yuxi cigarettes. I hope it will be helpful to everyone; only by knowing more methods to distinguish the authenticity can you avoid buying fake and inferior products. If you want to know more For more knowledge of anti-counterfeiting query methods, you can consult our official website.

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