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What are the types of stickers at the bottom of the paper?

by:LG Printing     2021-01-29

stickers generally by the end of paper, glue, paper of three layers, the bottom paper, also known as from type paper, bottom paper classification is very much, can do it according to the material classification, divided into paper and film, classified according to the process can be divided into super calender bottom paper, machine processing inferior smooth bottom paper, etc. , according to the color classification, there are white coated paper stickers, yellow background copperplate paper stickers, etc. , according to the light transmittance to points, can be divided into the bottom of the transparent bottom paper, translucent paper and bottom paper opaque etc.

one of the most common is gration bottom paper, also called glass bottom paper, this is a super inferior smooth translucent paper bottom paper.

now simply list the four bottom paper introduces

is a kind of plastic film bottom paper, thickness for 38 - commonly 60 micrometers, usually a good dimensional stability, strength of BOPP and PET, transparent bottom paper.

is a light at the end of paper machine pressure, - Is 80 - 110 grams per square meter, bottom paper machine pressure light processing, white, not transparent.

is a super pressure light at the end of paper, generally 60 - 80 grams per square meter, the super calender. According to the pulp formula is divided into different SCK bottom paper and gration bottom paper, bottom paper color into yellow and blue, white, translucent.

is a kind of plastic coated on the surface of the bottom paper. The kraft paper, plastic coated with silicon first a bottom paper, quantitative - Is 80 - 150 grams per square meter, the bottom paper is usually yellow, white, is not transparent bottom paper.

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