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What are the types of self-adhesive label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-08-27
1. What are the types of self-adhesive label printing:

1, embossing This is the use of embossing technology to print self-adhesive labels, the printing plate is generally photosensitive resin Letterpress and printed self-adhesive labels have the advantage of full ink color. However, due to the large difference in the grades of letterpress printing equipment at present, some manufacturers are still using circular embossing embossing machines, and some are using ordinary rotary embossing machines. There are also other manufacturers that have adopted professional oblique-back, satellite-type or unit-type adhesive label printers, using embossed label printing. The quality mainly depends on the quality of the printing equipment.

2. Offset printing is currently the main method used by many printing label manufacturers. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics, rich layers, and is suitable for mass printing, and the printing equipment can be used for multiple purposes. However, sheet-fed offset printing is not suitable for printing films with non-absorbent surfaces. This is because most of the film self-adhesive labels are roll-to-roll printing and require volatile dry inks.

3. The quality of flexographic printing at present is no less than that of offset printing. The advantages of this printing process are simple machine structure, low cost, and printing quality comparable to offset printing and gravure printing. Comparable, and has the advantage of thicker ink layer than offset printing products, flexo printing uses water-based ink and uv ink, and does not pollute the environment. However, because of the greater flexibility of products printed by flexographic technology, the reproducibility of gradation is different from that of ordinary letterpress printing. The dots from highlights to midtones of flexographic printing increase greatly, and the printing contrast is small. For fine graphic stickers, in order to compensate for layer defects, high-gloss parts can use FM dots, dark tuning or mid-call amplitude modulation and screen to improve.

4. Gravure printing generally uses a short ink path inking system for ink supply, web material printing, the degree of automation is very high, using solvent-based ink, ink layer It can also dry quickly, which is an important choice in film printing. Generally, the speed of gravure printing presses is relatively high, and the back end of many gravure printing presses is also equipped with a roller die cutting device, which can perform die cutting and indentation, and is suitable for printing various self-adhesive labels. However, because the gravure plate-making cycle is long and the plate-making cost is expensive, it is only suitable for mass production of self-adhesive labels.

2. Self-adhesive label making method:

1. Face paper hundred To make, select a face paper that can be written and printed, and then coat the back of the face paper with an adhesive layer.

2. Bottom paper production, select silicone oil coating and PP film to make the bottom paper, the silicone oil coating surface of the bottom paper is coated with a self-adhesive layer, and a shading is set on the bottom surface of the PP film of the bottom paper.

3. For label production, the adhesive layer on the back of the face paper and the adhesive layer coated on the surface of the bottom paper are combined to obtain the finished product.

4. The production of self-adhesive labels requires more raw materials and equipment, and there are many varieties of products. Personal use can directly purchase finished self-adhesive labels.

5. Self-adhesive is a kind of material, also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper plate as the base paper. And after printing, die-cutting, etc., it becomes a finished label.

6. Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive label has the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping, no pollution, saving labeling time, etc. It has a wide range of applications and is convenient and quick.

Three, how to store the sticker correctly:

1. Avoid direct Sunlight, humidity, sunlight, high temperature and ultra-low temperature.

2. It can be stored for one year at 23.2 degrees Celsius and 5% relative humidity, and can be stored for two years.

3. The label must be packed in the outer packaging. It is recommended to reprocess the plastic film after each use. It also provides better storage space for tags.

4. The printed labels should be stacked layer by layer and should not be overloaded to prevent glue penetration and adhesion.

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