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What are the temperature requirements for self-adhesive labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-26

1. What is the effect of temperature on the self-adhesive label:

1. The storage environment temperature of the label should not be too low. The raw materials of self-adhesive stickers placed outdoors or in severe cold environment are very easy to cause frostbite of the raw materials, especially in the glue part. If there is no proper recovery, the tackiness and processing performance of the self-adhesive label will be lost or lost.

2. Label preset processing is very critical in severe cold places. If the environmental temperature of the label itself cannot meet the requirements in consideration of logistics, transportation and storage conditions, resulting in a low environmental temperature of the label itself, or even frostbite, although the environmental temperature of the label meets the requirements, the label status cannot be restored in a timely manner. Adhesive label adhesion and processing performance will be affected as well. Therefore, in the above-mentioned case, before the actual operation of production, processing or labeling, the label raw materials should be preset in the label environment for 24 hours, so that the environmental temperature of the label raw materials itself will rise to a certain extent, and then the viscosity and production processing Performance can be restored.

2. Types of self-adhesive labels:

1. Water-soluble paper label glue and facial paper extraction It is a high-end environmentally friendly label which is quickly soluble in water.

2, BOPP label is widely used in transparent daily chemical products, and the appearance is transparent film

3, PET and PVC label pet is a polymer polymerized by free radical polymerization under the action of light and heat. PET has high heat resistance and is non-recyclable, while PVC has poor heat resistance and is recyclable.

4. The removable label is a label that uses removable glue. 5. The ADB label face paper is made of ADB, and the glue includes oil glue and water glue.

3. Why does the self-adhesive label occupy an important position in the printing industry:

1. The self-adhesive label is an important part of the packaging and printing industry , Its easy to use and diverse features are deeply loved by users. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the increasingly fierce competition in shopping malls.

2. In addition to high-quality features, self-adhesive label products must also have high-quality and inexpensive packaging. Many domestic imported TV, magazines, Internet and other media promote people to The pursuit of the appearance of dry-adhesive stickers and labels is getting higher and higher, so the self-adhesive labels have become an indispensable part in the packaging industry.

3. In addition, the demand and quality requirements for self-adhesive stickers and labels have regional characteristics, and different local consumption levels have different production requirements. The higher the economic level of self-adhesive printing , The demand and quality requirements for self-adhesive stickers and labels have also increased accordingly.

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