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What are the technical characteristics of the common anti-counterfeiting labels for the disappearance of dripping water?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-12
The traditional anti-counterfeiting label verification method is to dial the phone to enter the verification code to check the authenticity, and the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is to scan the two-dimensional code to get the authenticity. Did you know that a drop of water can tell whether a product is a genuine anti-counterfeiting label? It is a drip anti-counterfeiting label, which is a very simple and easy-to-operate nano-level anti-counterfeiting material in anti-counterfeiting detection. Only a drop of water is applied to the label during identification, the pattern disappears gradually, and the water is gradually displayed when the water is dry. Let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the common anti-counterfeiting labels that disappear under dripping water.

  The principle of label technology:

   Water has a missing anti-counterfeiting label is a more advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. Water is an invisible anti-counterfeiting label completed by adding other plate making, printing inks and other special processes. Together, it will hide the text or graphics, invisible to the naked eye, only We can miss each other by droplet attack and ink chemistry.

  What are the types of anti-counterfeit labels:

  1. Dripping ink——The appearance of ink is white, which becomes bright when it meets water, and turns white when it meets water. This change is reversible. Only silk screen; irreversible water-based ink is loose, the colors are red, yellow, blue, green, black, etc.

  2. Reversible achromatic ink is water-based ink, also known as water transparent ink. The color of the image and text printed with this ink changes from white to colorless, and the healthy color is restored after the water evaporates. Anti-counterfeiting effect: colorless, white and other colorless. Printing method: screen printing.

  3. Irreversible humidity sensitive ink is water-based ink, also known as water contact ink. Pictures or text printed with this kind of ink will gradually become saturated and loose when exposed to water, and the image or text will become blurred. The monotonous water after loosening will not return to the original picture. After checking the mark printed with ink, the mark cannot be reused. It is used to check whether mobile phone batteries, electrical appliances and other products are connected to water.

The characteristics of    anti-counterfeiting label:

  1, easy to identify. After the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label is modified with a colorless water-based liquid, the full version will immediately show colorful information, and the luminous information will be seen at the same time in the purple light and the infrared light.

  2, invisible multiple anti-counterfeiting. This technology not only has humidity and luminosity anti-counterfeiting methods, but also can fill in multiple induction anti-counterfeiting such as language code, coding, anti-counterfeiting, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc. The moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label is very simple, convenient and reliable. You only need to change the appearance of the label with clear liquid (liquid such as water, alcohol, etc.), and you can instantly view the hidden graphic information in the label. This type of anti-counterfeiting identification can also lead to the benefits of anti-counterfeiting paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, laser, and password anti-counterfeiting technology. It constitutes the induction function of multiple anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting marks, called moisture-sensitive induction anti-counterfeiting marks, and strengthening the anti-counterfeiting strength of anti-counterfeiting marks.

  3, multiple anti-counterfeiting.

   One-line anti-counterfeiting: The appearance of the wet label is real, and more hidden information is displayed immediately. It is enough for most products to have this anti-counterfeiting function.

   Two-line anti-counterfeiting: It is coated with an appearance mark and can be checked under ultraviolet light to clearly check whether the luminous graphic information is true or not. It is suitable for confidential documents, certificates, etc. Together, you can contact other paper anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, etc.

   Three-line anti-counterfeiting: the appearance of wet marks can be checked with a magnifying glass, and the texture characteristics can be seen. This difference is suitable for expert judgment.

   The above content is the technical features of the common drip disappearing anti-counterfeiting labels that we know today. As products use more and more anti-counterfeiting products, the selection of different technologies and materials also has different technical features and functions. If we want to go further Learn about free consultation: 400-998-0111, Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop customized anti-counterfeiting services.

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