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What are the stickers printing production way? Yu equation to study together with you

by:LG Printing     2021-01-24

do you know the stickers printing production means what? Stickers printing production because of the different areas have different ways of printing. Our stickers printing can be roughly divided into flexo in North America, Europe embossed flexo evenly, embossed in the Asia Pacific region, offset printing screen printing several which accords with the situation of China. Now, by respectively for you introduce these stickers printing production way.

is given priority to with flexo printing production way,

dominated by flexo printing technology printing mainly in North America. The main unit is small and medium-sized printing equipment, mainly ink, using volume to the volume of printing, circle pressure circle die-cutting way, this way of printing production has a high production efficiency, and the characteristics of the advanced technology and conform to the requirements of environmental protection and so on.

to tip the letterpress and flexo printing production way,

Europe mostly use the way of processing and the letterpress occupies 50% of the proportion, and all the UV letterpress printing ink, equipment most for cascading or satellite, flexo printing in the same application situation and the United States. Material processing method for the same volume to the volume of printing.

is given priority to with embossed printing production way,

the majority of developing countries in the asia-pacific region, label printing is still relatively backward, so the main way of printing is given priority to with embossed in the asia-pacific region, but the use of UV ink equipment accounted for only a few, most of the label printing still use resin type, roll to roll printing ink and sheet-fed printing mode coexist.

offset printing production

offset printing is the main mode of our country's label printing printing paper stickers. He has a graphic fine, rich layers of features, suitable for mass printing, and printing equipment can be multi-usage. But is not suitable for sheet-fed offset printing surface without absorbing film, because the film label for roll to roll printing, more needs to be volatile drying inks. Offset printing can be printed thicker plastic materials, such as mould tags, labels, tags, but must give the machine equipped with uv curing device, higher cost.

screen printing materials printed

screen printing is the most widely adapted to substrates printing way, now there are many network YinChang using low screen printing equipment adhesive labels and film label printing business. Its characteristic is inky thick, stereo sense is strong, can use uv ink printing film products. In addition to several kinds of rotary screen printing equipment can be competent for volume to the volume label printing, screen printing equipment for most semi-automatic flat screen printing machine, can only be printed sheet products, accuracy is not high, not suitable for the film label of form a complete set production equipment and production line.

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