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What are the security threads in the anti-counterfeiting label line?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-07
When it comes to the safety line, everyone’s reaction is not the safety line on the road. In fact, in daily life, you will often see the existence of the safety line, but you don’t know it, and you didn’t pay attention. Take the money you like. Is the renminbi you like always a line or shiny? It is actually an anti-counterfeiting security line. The security line can be used not only on the road, but also on banknotes. The existence of an anti-counterfeiting security thread is very important. Without it, coins will be easily forged, and now many companies also use an anti-counterfeiting security thread, so what is it? You guys will give a brief introduction.

   Security thread anti-counterfeiting is one of the best anti-counterfeiting technologies in China so far. Nowadays, many companies can print security thread anti-counterfeiting label' target='_blank'>labels, but the effects of making them vary widely. Why the security thread anti-counterfeiting label has always been welcomed by the market? First of all, from the design point of view, the security thread anti-counterfeiting label has a very high appreciation. From the perspective of consumers, it is easy to understand the characteristics of this technology, and the same kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is also used on the RMB, so it is not unfamiliar to consumers.

   First of all, the security thread anti-counterfeiting label refers to the anti-counterfeiting label of the metal wire inlaid in the label. During the papermaking process, it is placed in a specific position. Different metal wires are used. The latter is a polyester plastic thread of different colors. Microprint lines or fluorescent lines. When you look at it under the sun or in a place with light, you can see a complete or intermittent line buried in the paper. Its shape is mostly straight, and it can also be made into a wave shape.

   There is also a window-opening safety thread, which is intermittently exposed on the paper. When copying with a photocopier, the exposed metal thread is copied into intermittent black lines, so it is impossible to be copied. The safety line can be designed in many colors, or a line can be placed in the two-color space, and there can be miniature text on the line.

  Secondly, there is also a thermal safety thread, which is pink and opaque at room temperature. When the temperature reaches 37 degrees by rubbing back and forth with the hand, it will partially show the microprinted text, and there is also a kind of The security thread is the laser holographic security. The entire thread produces color-changing images due to different viewing angles, and at the same time, with its window-opening security thread, this kind of security thread has a particularly good anti-counterfeiting effect.

  Fluorescent security thread: Add fluorescent compound while making the security thread. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the fluorescent compound in the security thread will flicker. Fluorescent compounds include the fluorescence of organic substances with structures such as heterocycles, as well as indium compounds, mercury ion-like compounds, binary and ternary rare earth complexes that emit fluorescence.

   Security thread with window: There are openings or depressions on the surface of the security thread.

   Broadband security line: The width of the security line exceeds the width of the traditional security line (lmm-1.2mm).

  Magnetic safety thread: The safety thread is coated with magnetic paint. Usually called magnetic wire.

   As mentioned above, do you know the security thread so much? In fact, the security thread paper and the anti-counterfeiting label of the anti-counterfeiting thread are an indispensable anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeiting. If one day is very unfortunate If you receive a fake banknote, you can use the anti-counterfeit security thread to distinguish the true from the fake.

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