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What are the query methods for anti-counterfeit labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-05
Because of the popularity of anti-counterfeiting labels, we can see the shadow of anti-counterfeiting labels everywhere in the market, but do you know how to check? When you buy a product, will you look for products with anti-counterfeit labels? Is it true that some people, like the editor, always feel that products with anti-counterfeiting labels are qualified and good, so after buying them, they will not deliberately check their authenticity. Until one time, the editor wanted to check on a whim, only to find that I had no idea about how to query. I believe that many friends are just like the editor, so the editor organized the common ways of querying authenticity. a bit. Please bring a small book with the class representative to record.

   There are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, and they are diversified, but our common ones are generally: QR code anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting, electronic code anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting, digital watermark anti-counterfeiting. However, we have seen a lot of anti-counterfeiting labels belonging to two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels and electronic code anti-counterfeiting labels.

   Let’s talk about several query methods we often use.

  1. Telephone inquiries: There are two types of telephone inquiries: 400 telephones and 800 telephone inquiries. In the past, 800 telephone inquiries were used more, but now they are basically used for 400 telephone inquiries, because 800 telephone inquiries are only limited to landline calls. , Very limited. The 400 is different. It can be used with both a landline and a mobile phone, which is very convenient, so more of the 400 are used. When we got the anti-counterfeiting label, we saw the 400 or 800 phone number on the label, picked up your small mobile phone and dialed, after the connection, there will be a prompt tone telling you how to operate, when you enter the anti-counterfeiting number After entering, there will be a system prompt that the number is a local query, and you are querying where and where the qualified products are produced, please feel free to use it. When you want to inquire again, the system will prompt that the anti-counterfeiting code you inquired has been inquired, please beware of counterfeiting. This is the characteristic of the code, it can only be inquired once, because the results of multiple inquiries are different.

  2, SMS query: This query method is a bit different, because different anti-counterfeiting companies have different query methods, but they all send text messages, so you must read and send them clearly when you inquire. The number of the text message, when you send it successfully, the system will reply to you. Please feel free to use it if you are looking for qualified products. Another is to directly send an anti-counterfeiting code to a certain mobile phone number, and then the system will directly reply to the query result.

  3. Website query: We are all familiar with this method of website query, right? You get the tag and look at the URL of the following website query, open the browser, enter the URL, enter the anti-counterfeiting code, and click query , There will be results. The system will reply to you. Please feel free to use it if you are inquiring about where the qualified products are produced.

  4. WeChat query: This is a new anti-counterfeiting query method that has just been launched in recent years. First of all, you have to add the official account of the anti-counterfeiting company and you can use it after paying attention. You send the anti-counterfeiting code directly to the other party's WeChat, and then the other party will send you the result of the query. This is a quick and good way to query the anti-counterfeit label.

   The above are the four common ways to check anti-counterfeiting labels. I hope it will be helpful to you, so that you are not confused when you want to check the authenticity of your products. Come up, for anti-counterfeiting labels, it's not just a matter of sticking it on, and you must remember to inquire in the follow-up.

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