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What are the promotional plans for QR codes? How can we improve the probability of scanning codes?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-25
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile networks and the popularization of smart phones, QR codes have become more and more widely used in the marketing field, and they have become one of the popular promotion methods of consumers. But what is annoying is that QR codes are everywhere, and the scanning probability is getting lower and lower. What should I do? The reason for the low scanning rate may appear here.

  一. Scene

   When setting up a QR code marketing campaign, the first thing to consider is a complete scenario. Only when multi-dimensional factors such as scan code time, scan code space, setting purpose, trigger conditions, scan code action, and jump page are combined together, can the complete scene of consumer scan code be formed.

  二. Promotion of prizes

   Jackpot, there are gimmicks. Consumers participating in activities must have some motives, such as speculative psychology. I scanned the code, and maybe I won the ipone 7 plus? So when designing the QR code marketing activities, companies must set up an award to attract consumers and stimulate their urgency.

   The prize setting for the target group can be described as a match for one's favor. Among the many customers who win in Mobile, in terms of prize setting, in addition to the WeChat red envelope that can be quickly received, JD coupons have also been set up to directly retain customers, as well as movie tickets.

  三. Promotion

  Any good marketing method is inseparable from promotion. There is only a QR code without corresponding promotion to guide consumers to scan the code and guide them to scan, and it will not trigger consumers to contact the QR code.

   In addition to these publicity actions, manufacturers also need to introduce the promotion on the box packaging of the product and the individual packaging of the product itself. The location must be eye-catching, so that it can catch people's attention first, and quickly attract consumers' attention. At the same time, the text should not be too long, and it should be concise and concise, so as not to make consumers feel tedious and lose interest in participating.

   Four. Code

  From the clarity of the code (whether it can successfully scan the code), the fluency of the system (whether it can support a huge amount of code scanning), and the reliability of the data (whether it can protect consumers' scan code data from being leaked) ), the completeness of the service (whether it can provide a complete QR code marketing solution and follow-up value-added services) and other aspects. Choose a reliable company that has a reputation in the field of QR code marketing to ensure that the creativity is implemented. In place, such as winning on the move.

  Win in Mobile can integrate the supply chain of one thing, one code, open up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, solve the coding problem for enterprises worry-free, provide solution support and manufacturing technology, and help you solve the problem of coding without worry.

   Five. Platform

  The scanning rate is actually the participation rate. The participation rate means how many people participate in the activity, whether your activity is effective, and whether your money is spent on the blade. Therefore, it can guarantee a high scanning rate of the two-dimensional Code marketing company is the first choice of all FMCG companies.

   Nowadays, the emergence of many counterfeit and inferior products has forced stores to attach great importance to the necessity of anti-counterfeiting labels. Enhance the competitiveness of products. In other words, how to make customers identify with your product, the customized anti-counterfeiting traceability system will show its use value and practical significance; allowing customers to quickly and effectively promote the product to be recognized by customers according to the anti-counterfeiting traceability system. It is the primary anti-counterfeiting method to prevent counterfeiting of goods in the future. Create a two-dimensional code picture food traceability system software to make the company's products and other companies in the same industry have the necessary diversification, and even different from other similar, enhance the competitiveness of products.

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