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What are the pain points of anti-counterfeiting in the wine industry

by:LG Printing     2021-04-03
In this market where counterfeit goods are rampant, especially in some online sales platforms, there are many pain points in the anti-counterfeiting of the wine industry, which is one of the important victimized industries. How can we avoid the appearance of fakes and damage the image of the company? How can we make consumers feel happy and drunk for a while?

  Shanghai Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Company said that the gross profit of wine is relatively large, and the marketing cost is also high. This means that wine is anti-counterfeit and is very cost-sensitive. Few liquor companies can afford electronic labels like Moutai anti-counterfeiting queries. I believe that wine companies are very concerned about how to make an article on low cost.

   People who drink, the whole people compare with soldiers. If you can’t drink a bottle of wine, you should learn about anti-counterfeiting for a week. Therefore, Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting emphasizes the civilianization of anti-counterfeiting technology, that is, easy identification. It's so easy that people who don't drink can recognize it, and that's basically right.

   There is also: Since the price of wine is high, the profit of fraud is huge profit. Facing this market, the bad guys rushed in with red eyes. How to make a full article on the difficulty of counterfeiting is another pain point in the anti-counterfeiting of the liquor industry.

  Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Company, in this industry, has in-depth thinking. Printing alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels uses new anti-counterfeiting skills to help enterprises prevent counterfeiting and inferior products, so that the market can recover in good order. Complete the article in the following points. The specific anti-counterfeiting chaos in the liquor industry needs to be resolved:

  一. There are many counterfeit customers in the market. Many merchants fill low-priced wines into fake packaging containers for personal gain, and some merchants take back famous wine bottles and then refill them. Importing low-quality liquor into high-quality liquor and selling liquor seriously infringes on the interests of consumers, damages the image of liquor enterprises, and harms the interests of enterprises.

  三. There are many customers who think expensive is good and love to drink tall wine, and many merchants capture the customer’s mind and put it on the packaging 'internal supply, internal private possession; or It is the confession of the ministry; the agency confession, etc., to deceive customers, and the alcohol anti-counterfeiting label can be regarded as the merchant to deal with these troubles.

  三. We all know the effects of well-known brands. When a liquor brand has a good position and recognition in a region or in the market, fans and sales will slowly accumulate, and some businesses are close to well-known brands. , Sugar Daddy title, deliberately make the product title and packaging logo very similar to the well-known brand planning, misleading customers, this will also damage the image of the company. In this regard, Kweichow Moutai Town has performed very well. Among the wines produced in Maotai Town, most of the bottles are all white porcelain bottles, which are very similar to Feitian Moutai. Moutai anti-counterfeiting has brought a lot of pressure.

   In the market, fake products still have a large sales volume and obvious price advantage, which has severely disrupted the standardization of the market and caused confusion to consumers. In addition, the diversification of distribution methods and vicious cross-regional merchandising have prevented the development of enterprises. The direct result of the quality of the corporate image and the distrust of consumers, these issues require companies to pay attention to anti-counterfeiting.

   Therefore, the pain points of anti-counterfeiting in the alcohol industry cannot be solved simply by printing anti-counterfeiting labels. Combining anti-counterfeiting data marketing and integrating anti-smuggling goods, whether to consider Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting company’s anti-discriminatory price system, adding member points management, superimposing WeChat red envelopes, etc., so that people who buy fake goods need points and cannot get them, or want to get them If you don't get the reward, you will go to verify or complain, and you won't be far away from catching Li Gui. Contact us.
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