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What are the main applications of stickers

by:LG Printing     2021-08-27

The application of self-adhesive labels is very common. Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, instant stickers, instant stickers, and paper pressing. In recent years, the self-adhesive label industry has developed rapidly and is widely used.

1. Self-adhesive label anti-counterfeiting marks are accompanied by the continuous expansion of main uses. The requirements for marking characteristics are also following the development trend of complexity, diversification and high precision. Food, home appliances, office, household goods, cars and other trademarks, logos, identification plates, factory nameplates and other packaging and printing production and processing, and the types of surface sheets, adhesives, anti-sticking papers and anti-sticking films composed of the logo are very diverse. The main purpose of the composition is different, and various requirements can be considered. Mirror glass coated paper sticker, high-smooth sticker for high-end multi-color commodity labels, suitable for information content identification of medicines, food, vegetable oil, wine, beverages, household appliances, and stationery. The main applications of stickers are as follows.

2. The self-adhesive label is to print the logo and the design of the advertising section on the composite paper. The composite paper is a good-quality facial tissue paper with the reverse side coated Apply the adhesive and stick it on the base paper coated with methyl silicone oil on the surface. During application, if the backing paper is torn off, the self-adhesive label printed with text and graphics can be immediately pasted on the product or other objects. Because the self-adhesive printed surface sheet has the advantages of easy peeling, convenient use, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, waterproof, not easy to embrittlement, no environmental pollution, wide adaptability, and it is conducive to continuous pasting several times. It is generally used for social development of cultural life, and the industry prospects are very broad. Nowadays, many home appliances, small toys, stationery, furniture, food and other signs use self-adhesive label processing technology, which is warmly welcomed by many customers. What is coated on the back of facial tissue is that there are many materials that can be selected for the adhesive base material.

3. Self-adhesive labels are mainly used in liquid cleaning products and popular personal care products; plastic film materials are mainly used in daily chemical products. At this stage, popular personal care products and household liquid washing products on the sales market account for a large proportion, so relatively more printing paper raw materials are used.

4. Print area. Application field of self-adhesive label label printer. Self-adhesive labels such as instant stickers and pressure-sensitive paper are also called self-adhesive labels, or special raw materials are fabrics, which are printed paper, plastic film, and have adhesives on the reverse side. A polymer material of paper is coated with silicon-based paper. After maintenance, the design plan of the booklet, printed journals, magazines, and brushes are produced and processed into finished product identification and packaged, printed, film cut, etc. When needed, the paper only needs to be separated from the bottom. The packaging and printing propaganda album manufacturer can press it gently, and the surface of the seed board can be stuck. The automatic labeling of the production line can also be applied to the automatic labeling machine. It can be seen that stickers exist everywhere in our lives.

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