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What are the magical features of drip anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-13
Drip label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label that is very popular among enterprises. Because its identification method is very simple, it is convenient for consumers to check its authenticity. More importantly, such anti-counterfeiting labels are cheaper. This is a very unique anti-counterfeiting technology. It hides text or images together through special ink and special printing plate making process, which is invisible to human eyes. It can only reach each other when the chemical substances produced by the ink and the ink reach each other with water. See the actual effect, then I will explain in detail the natural drip anti-counterfeiting label of the substance it carries.

1. Production steps

The humidity sensitive material is made by unwinding, coating, liquid bath, drying, winding and other processes. The formed moisture-sensitive material film is super-hydrophilic and becomes transparent when exposed to water. The second is the hidden information after printing, surface treatment, and surface treatment of the humidity-sensitive layer of composite humidity-sensitive materials-humidity-sensitive surface printing, surface treatment, molding, anti-counterfeiting marks made by this process, consumers only need to mark on the smear Water-transparent liquid, if the surface becomes transparent immediately and the hidden information graphics are displayed, the authenticity of the product can be immediately known.

2. Identification method

The identification method of moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label is very simple. When identifying, just apply water, alcohol and other transparent liquids on the moisture-sensitive material layer of the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label. The surface becomes transparent immediately, and the information printed on the surface of the substrate is immediately Clear, when the liquid evaporates and dries, the label will return to its original state.

Three. Advantages

1. Easy to identify: Coat the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting label with a colorless water-based liquid, and the whole page will immediately display the color information, and the luminous information can be seen under the purple light and infrared light.

2. Multiple anti-counterfeiting and non-counterfeiting: The appearance of wet labels immediately shows that more hidden information is true. Most products have this kind of anti-counterfeiting performance, which is enough. Smearing the appearance of wet marks and investigating under ultraviolet light can clearly investigate whether the luminous graphic information is true, suitable for confidential documents and files. At the same time, it can be combined with other paper anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, etc. The appearance of the wet mark is smeared and observed with a magnifying glass, and the common particle characteristics can be seen. This identification is suitable for family judgment.

3. Invisible multiple anti-counterfeiting. This technology not only has anti-counterfeiting measures such as moisture-proof and light transmission, but also can add comprehensive anti-counterfeiting such as language code, code, anti-copy, and holographic anti-counterfeiting. The identification method of the moisture sensitive anti-counterfeiting label is very simple, fast and reliable. Just use a transparent liquid to smear the marking surface, and the hidden text and text information in the label can be detected in real time.

4. Irreversible moisture sensitive diffusion ink is water-based ink, also known as water-based diffusion ink. The pattern or text printed with this ink will enter a fuzzy state after the moisture gradually penetrates and diffuses. After the moisture dries and diffuses, the color will not return to the original pattern. After detecting the logo printed with ink, the logo cannot be reused to detect whether mobile phone batteries, electrical appliances and other products are in the water.

4. Application field

Suitable for various products in industries such as digital, medicine, cosmetics, and auto parts.

The production of anti-drip and anti-counterfeiting requires special ink and plate-making process. Because the outer layer cannot be completely coated, the ink and water have rich responsiveness and functions. It is based on water filtering techniques to form semi-gloss micropores and special Ink, it can react with water and be rich in water to achieve the role of no.
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