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What are the issues that enterprises need to consider when customizing anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-22
With the advancement of science and technology, a large number of technological products have enriched our lives and met various needs. At the same time, counterfeiters have become more rampant, and the cost of counterfeiting has been reduced, making the market flooded with fake and shoddy goods. Anti-counterfeiting labels are special marks that have independent identification and provide a basis for identifying the authenticity of products. The purchase of anti-counterfeiting labels is not so much a business, but a responsibility, responsible to consumers and responsible to the market. Responsible for their own products and show the positive image of the company. So what are the issues that companies need to consider when customizing anti-counterfeiting labels?

   Does the anti-counterfeiting label guarantee that there are no fakes?

   No one can guarantee that. The crime is defined as the law. How can crime be eradicated? In the face of personal interests, the law does not work. In addition to attracting potential criminals, the important thing is to refer to the convictions, and the anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting labels, but still to operate However, in order to discover the counterfeit in time, companies can promptly remind consumers that they can provide a reference than the executive department, and the responsible companies must prevent counterfeiting labels.

  How is the appearance of the anti-counterfeit label determined?

   This is determined by the company, that is, the customization of anti-counterfeiting labels. Companies based on the use environment of their products, the size, shape, demand, and craftsmanship of their products, unique shapes and customized anti-counterfeiting labels, and the more common forms are square, rectangular, oval, round, and others. Personalization of irregular shapes; size 20*30mm, 20*20mm; use in high temperature and low temperature environments, use of water, use of young ones in the sun outside, use of high-strength tools, use of rough On the surface, when using oil-immersed surfaces, the materials of anti-counterfeiting labels selected by enterprises in these different environments are also different. Companies can also consider whether it is necessary to use high-tech anti-counterfeiting technologies such as the disappearance of dripping water, the disappearance of high temperature, the gold wire of the skylight, and the nuclear traces. Therefore, targeted anti-counterfeiting labels are to meet the various needs of enterprises, and templated labels have no such function.

  How is the price of the anti-counterfeit label determined?

   This price is indeed flexible in the industry. Generally, companies are based on their own conditions, technical quotations, and prices to determine the material and technology of the anti-counterfeiting label. They are determined according to the size. This is an unchanging truth. The quotation of a regular company can only be trusted by a small-scale emergence, but it is limited in price. Don’t believe it is cheap. At this time, pay attention to its business. The wool is on the sheep. The quality of such a cheap anti-counterfeiting label is doubtful. You can only discount the cost, and start with the technology and technology of the material that is impossible to achieve. From all kinds of cutting corners, into the mass production of various anti-counterfeiting labels and paper, the role of the label sold by the catty is more like the true and false of the enterprise, so I will eat this later The bad effect of the cheap trap is the enterprise itself.

   The above is a detailed introduction about the issues that enterprises need to consider for custom anti-counterfeiting labels. I hope it will be helpful to you and learn more about anti-counterfeiting professional knowledge. Welcome to consult Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting. We are a company that has been manufacturing anti-counterfeiting for many years. High-tech companies with work experience, relying on independent innovative technology, exquisite products and reliable service projects, people focus on showing humanized, systematic and generalized products and services for well-known companies, and continue to exceed customer expectations. Create wealth for customers.

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