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What are the hot stamping printing self-adhesive label printing method

by:LG Printing     2021-01-26
What are the way of printing, bronzing adhesive label printing < br /> < br /> hello, I am a small make up. There are many ways of self-adhesive label printing, then to find out about way of printing, hot stamping. Hot stamping method can be divided into sheet-fed bronzing and roll paper hot stamping, and behind a is the most widely used type of processing way, and the drum material hot stamping usually have this so several ways: < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> 1, in the marking machine pressed flat hot stamping < br /> < br /> regardless of the letterpress stickers printing machine is leveling or full pressing machines, because the paper basic it is intermittent for paper, so hot stamping all choose flat to flatten. Usually hot stamping process as a separate unit, there are also part of machine stamping cut share a unit to the membrane, a separate application. < br /> < br /> 2, multi-station press flat hot stamping < br /> < br /> some models have two location of hot stamping unit, its a unit near the print, complete with hot stamping, and the other unit is an independent unit to complete vertical hot stamping. The aircraft can be finished at the same time double color hot stamping. < br /> < br /> 3, rotary press circle pressure circle on the hot stamping < br /> < br /> circle pressure circle gilding bronzing version used for cylinder, hot stamping pressure roller to roll touch with seal, complete the hot stamping. Circle pressure circle hot stamping is new type for the round transformation of paper label on application, but the feed rate has a corresponding demand for paper, in other words have effect on the rate of printing. But relative to the flat hot stamping, further improve the working efficiency. Circle pressure circle bronzing roll manufacturing cost is high, so only applies to long version live hot stamping. < br /> < br /> 4, cold gold on rotary printing press < br /> < br /> this is a new hot stamping technology. Is no longer used heating of metal materials in print, on the contrary is by using the method of printing adhesive, make metal foil transfer, hot stamping. Cold gold process cost low, save energy, high production efficiency, can use the machinery and equipment parts, does not need additional device, is a very promising new technology. < br /> < br /> both single sheet of paper and roll paper bronzing, specific issues or specific analysis. The right way, that is, get twice the result with half the effort. < br /> < br /> if you want to learn more about the non-drying label printing industry information, welcome to login our website, we will bring you more practical knowledge. www。 lg - 打印。 com
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