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What are the high-quality and cheap anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-06
The production of anti-counterfeiting labels will take into account the issues of cost and printing cycle. There is a low cost, because the household distribution cycle is fast, can the effect of related products be guaranteed? It can be said that this is about digital anti-counterfeiting. The query system to determine the authenticity of an anti-counterfeiting technology is now very complicated, and the principle of the new anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting technology similar to that of WeChat is similar. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting will introduce to you.

  Digital anti-counterfeiting label, also known as code code, is the induction technology, network communication technology, information coding technology, high-tech printing technology and modern management technology used by modern computers. It has established a social product network covering the whole country and unified management Anti-counterfeiting system. Digital security network can be the direct contact between manufacturers, merchants, consumers and some users, providing services such as anti-counterfeiting queries, data statistics, logistics tracking, and information services for all parties.

   Compared with a series of different anti-counterfeiting methods such as magnetic recording, electronic identification, and laser fluorescent printing into warm water, digital anti-counterfeiting is simple and practical, easy to distinguish between true and false, and has a high penetration rate. It has deepened thousands of households and has been widely used.

  1. Scratch-off digital anti-counterfeiting label: This kind of anti-counterfeiting label material generally uses paper, and consumers only need to scratch the label to obtain it, and it is widely used. Generally speaking, choose 400, 800, SMS, etc. for anti-counterfeiting inquiries.

   In the early days of the birth of technology, branded products have a good anti-counterfeiting effect. However, this technology also requires the use of mobile phones, telephones, and 16-digit passwords, which is boring and boring. Due to the complexity of the identification process, there are not many anti-counterfeiting methods actually used by consumers. As part of the relevant survey data, the speed of digital anti-counterfeiting query is only 4% high, and 96% of the anti-counterfeiting numbers are not used. It can be said that this kind of digital anti-counterfeiting.

  2. Open digital anti-counterfeiting label: This type of label can be divided into two types, one is a paper opening type, the other is a laser opening type, which is also a laser anti-counterfeiting, just open it to see the password inside.

   This kind of universal digital anti-counterfeiting, many of which have low technical content, are easy to steal codes, and the copied codes have serious technical defects in batch copying. This serious defect is that counterfeiting groups are using more and more, leading to failure of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting It is better to have no anti-counterfeiting. In addition, digital anti-counterfeiting is a common technology that is not protected by patents. At present, there are many domestic companies engaged in digital anti-counterfeiting business, forming a situation of disorderly competition.

  3. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label: Choose a combination of anti-counterfeiting label and software, we have a practical anti-counterfeiting method-two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label system. The new train tickets, concert tickets and Expo tickets all use QR codes to show us the power of QR code technology. At the same time, this simple anti-counterfeiting technology has penetrated into shopping malls, supermarkets, luxury goods and all aspects of social life. Mobile software such as WeChat scans the QR code to obtain product information.

   Take the 315 anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code system as an example, this system includes a special double-layer scanning function. Traditional anti-counterfeiting labels are used by unscrupulous merchants, and they will lose their anti-counterfeiting function if they are affixed elsewhere, leading to the continued proliferation of fakes. When scanning the second layer, the authenticity of the product is revealed. The backend connected to the software will verify the authenticity of the product through a series of logic algorithms. It is feasible to avoid the possibility that other digital anti-counterfeiting technologies will mistake counterfeit products for genuine products. This technology is patented and is a non-copyable QR code anti-counterfeiting technology.

  4. Fluorescent digital anti-counterfeiting label: This label is printed on the label with some special inks. It is difficult for us to see the content inside with the naked eye, and only through the special ultraviolet light can we see the content inside.

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