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What are the functions of the security line anti-counterfeit label

by:LG Printing     2021-04-13
With the rapid development of anti-counterfeiting labels, many companies have gradually realized the importance of anti-counterfeiting labels. This label is accepted by most people.

  一. Its technicality

  Using technology, one type of anti-counterfeiting label with sunroof is adopted. This anti-counterfeiting label is a special anti-counterfeiting label paper technology made by special paper mills using special papermaking equipment and handicrafts, and it has a strong exclusive. It is easy to identify and can help companies to customize the specified copy and pattern on the label. At the same time, it can be integrated with other anti-counterfeiting label technologies to form a complex integrated anti-counterfeiting label technology, which can better help companies and enterprises to eliminate counterfeit and inferior products.

   Two, its principle and characteristics

   In the production of anti-counterfeiting labels, it is a commonly used substrate. The anti-counterfeiting mark is made of a strip of metal or plastic glue. During the papermaking operation, special techniques and methods are used to increase the paper because the color is not completely consistent and special, and the actual effect of the anti-counterfeiting label is reached.

  三. Variety category

   If this anti-counterfeiting label has both variable optical practical effects, or if the anti-counterfeiting thread is coated with permanent magnet paint, dyes, micro letters, part of metal plating, etc., it can also strengthen the anti-counterfeiting mark to a considerable extent The anti-counterfeiting label is okay. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting marks with both fluorescent anti-counterfeiting threads, miniature anti-counterfeiting labels, holographic labels, permanent magnet anti-counterfeiting threads, receipt printers, etc., are widely circulating in the anti-counterfeiting label market.

  1. Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting marks are used in the production of fluorescent substances, which can declare special colors of fluorescence under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

  2. The microcopy anti-counterfeiting label is an anti-counterfeiting label made by using special printing methods to print microcopy or painting pictures, or embossing the corresponding parts into transparent copywriting or painting pictures; holographic anti-counterfeiting labels use special methods to laser The recorded rainbow hologram is printed on the anti-counterfeiting label.

  3. The permanent magnet anti-counterfeiting mark is an anti-counterfeiting mark coated with magnetic paint; the receipt printer anti-counterfeiting mark refers to the receipt printer data coated with the base material and has both the characteristics of the receipt printer and the anti-counterfeiting Labels can change color when the receipt printer data is heated.

   Four. Advantages

   1. There is a strong reliability of anti-counterfeiting labels, banknotes are in demand for anti-counterfeiting labels, and good anti-counterfeiting label skills will be displayed on banknotes. For this reason, watermarks and identification anti-counterfeiting labels are all anti-counterfeiting label methods. . Production skills and skills are highly confidential, with a very strict principle of commissioned production, large-scale paper production, and high-quantity products to ensure the reliability of watermarks and identification paper anti-counterfeiting labels.

  2. The application is very convenient. The replacement of the original ordinary paper can make the products very common, invisibly, can advance the company and product image. Testing is very convenient. Watermarks and identification anti-counterfeiting labels are all first-line anti-counterfeiting labels. They do not need to rely on equipment. Customers only need to have knowledge of banknotes and other skills, and can distinguish their authenticity by themselves.

  3. High quality and low price: According to the market demand of corporate customers, the semi-buried logo can be slightly reduced to the manufacturer's logo, and the logo and watermark can be applied or used independently. Therefore, the identification and anti-counterfeiting labels are generally first-line anti-counterfeiting label skills, and the identification and anti-counterfeiting label skills can be used in coins, factory certificates, certificates of collectibles, automobile certificates, etc.

  4. Such a kind of identification anti-counterfeiting label, its anti-counterfeiting label skills are and have their own characteristics, otherwise there is no need to apply this kind of anti-counterfeiting label skills, in the currency, it can also show its real effect . Allows users to use coins very well, showing the real effect of such identification and anti-counterfeiting labels.

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