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What are the functions of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels

by:LG Printing     2021-04-22

   Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system is the latest system developed with the times and technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting. For anti-counterfeiting companies and enterprises, this system is one of the cores of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. What does it do?

  1. Reduce the inflow of counterfeit products into the market: through the QR code anti-smuggling system, reduce the influx of counterfeit products into the sales market, and minimize the economic and reputation losses caused by this to the enterprise;

  2. Control product quality: The product quality of a company is the lifeblood of the company’s business. Through the system traceability function, product quality problems can be found in time, and timely feedback to the personnel of the relevant departments of the company to control product quality nationwide; < /p>

  3. Supervision and management of salespersons: salespersons conduct sales activities under the guidance of the information on the anti-smuggling label, which can improve the management level of salespersons;

  4. Formulate a reasonable sales strategy: The QR code anti-smuggling system can collect and count product sales and anti-counterfeiting query data, and business managers can call up the query data recorded by the system, and then analyze the best Sales target and formulate a reasonable sales strategy;

   5. Strengthen market supervision: use the information statistics and analysis of the QR code anti-smuggling system to manage the division and classification of sellers, supervise and control the flow of products in the seller's area, and promote market sales;

  6. Establish enterprise database: The QR code anti-sweeping system can establish complete product files and consumer files, especially the distribution and tendencies of consumers have guiding significance for the design and market positioning of enterprise products , Provide factual data analysis and relevant judgment basis for further marketing of enterprises.

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