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What are the functions of anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-08-22

Anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used on various products, but you are not particularly familiar with the functions of these labels, so let's take a closer look together. So what are the unique features of anti-counterfeit labels that make everyone admire it?

First, the anti-counterfeiting label can store information, which is a function that is difficult to achieve by other modes, which means that through this An anti-counterfeiting code that can effectively display the production technology of the product, the quality level of the product, the specifications of the production, and the honor of the enterprise, as well as some recommended information of the product, directly through such a QR code consumer. Moreover, consumers will not feel particularly bored while obtaining such information. They can find the introduction of these texts only by scanning, and they can also enter the corresponding purchase platform through the link to understand the information in more detail, which can be considered as such. It is a more active and effective way of advertising.

Second, such an anti-counterfeiting label can also effectively control the production process, which means When a certain product is produced, various links of the product from ingredients, production, inspection, warehousing, and logistics can be recorded in this QR code in detail. Different links can be given different information. The complete combination of codes will directly generate a unique serial number. Such a serial number has a very powerful anti-counterfeiting function, and can effectively restore a series of processes that the product has in the production process, which also becomes A very important part of anti-counterfeiting measures.

Third, such anti-counterfeiting signs can also achieve very powerful The function of anti-counterfeiting encryption, which means that all anti-counterfeiting links of the product are generated into a unified QR code, and consumers can directly jump to the corresponding query interface by scanning, or input after scratching off the anti-counterfeiting code layer The corresponding number can also be directly checked for authenticity, so that anti-counterfeiting can be achieved anytime and anywhere, and there is no need to spend any cost in this process.

Fourth, such an anti-counterfeiting system can also be used as a voucher, for example, it can be used as a point redemption or A kind of evidence for preferential activities, which can also attract consumers to register, and commodity membership becomes a long-term customer. The anti-counterfeiting labels introduced above have very powerful functions.

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