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What are the functions and advantages of the One Item One Code Red Envelope Marketing System?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-27
Nowadays, traditional marketing methods are not so attractive anymore. Many companies will use the one-size-one-size marketing approach to achieve smart marketing for the company; use the one-size one-code red envelope marketing system to allow each product to have its own marketing. Dimension code can realize sales data, management records, and monitoring of stocks, which can bring greater marketing revenue to the enterprise; then here is the editor to introduce to you what functions and advantages the one-item one-code red envelope marketing system can bring. .

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  One, one item one code red envelope marketing system's main functions:

  1. Product personalized marketing: analyze the detailed information of products, consumers, terminals and other information obtained by the one-item one-code technology, combine the status quo and characteristics of existing products, create targeted marketing activities, and effectively increase the product’s Sales.

  2. Product anti-counterfeiting traceability: One thing one code red envelope marketing system is based on one thing, one code. Through the binding between the product and the QR code, it realizes the digitization of the collection and production process of product information, which is convenient for the product in Inquiry, tracking and management of logistics and sales links. In order to achieve product anti-counterfeiting, information traceability, protect the rights and interests of users, and establish a corporate brand image.

  3. Product circulation management: Based on the one-item one-code technology, the whole-process monitoring and tracking of brand sales channels and products, etc., with the help of the one-item, one-code marketing platform to help brands simplify product anti-fleeing management and maintain product market prices The system prevents confusion in the product market and increases corporate profits.

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   Two, one thing one code red envelope marketing system advantages:

  1. Interaction between consumers and enterprises: When consumers purchase products, they scan the product QR code and follow the corporate official account. The enterprise can interact with consumers and understand the habits of consumers, so that the enterprise can form a virtuous circle.

  2. Expand membership: When a consumer scans the QR code to receive the red envelope, he will become a member of the company. The company can view some information of the consumer through the one-item one-code red envelope marketing system. Help companies provide accurate marketing goals whether it is the launch of new products or the promotion of existing products.

  3. Increase market share: Send red envelope promotions after scanning the code, cultivate a large number of loyal customers for the corporate brand, and increase the number of consumers and consumption.

  4. Effectively prevent product fleeing: Through the consumer's scanning behavior and positioning function, the regional positioning management of consumers is carried out to determine whether the product has fleeing goods, and effectively preventing the occurrence of fleeing goods.

  5. Conducive to product promotion: One item, one code red envelope marketing system can be applied to store shopping guides, promoters or distributors, and encourage shopping guides to promote and sell products. Consumers can also send them after scanning the code. Points or red envelopes, turn consumers into communicators.

   One Item One Code Red Envelope Marketing System makes the marketing activities of enterprises flexible and creative, increases consumer participation, and makes brand products and consumers tightly adhered. If you want to know more about the one-product one-code red envelope marketing system, welcome to consult us. We have a professional anti-counterfeiting team and a design team that will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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