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What are the functions and advantages of a one-code anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-27
We can often see QR codes in our daily lives. The QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are also widely used in the anti-counterfeiting industry. Today, the editor will introduce to you the one thing one code anti-counterfeiting label, which is in two Developed on the basis of the dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, it has a powerful information difference function that the unified two-dimensional code does not have. Here, the editor wants to introduce to you the functions and advantages of one-code anti-counterfeiting labels, so let's take a look together.

   One, one thing one code anti-counterfeiting label's function:

  1. Convenient inquiries: At present, it is very convenient and simple to identify the QR code on the mobile phone. You can scan the code with a WeChat scan, without downloading special software. When consumers want to inquire about the authenticity of products, they only need to use their mobile phones to accurately inquire product information anytime and anywhere through the mobile network.

  2. Effective communication: Consumers can check product information in a timely manner and interact with companies to enhance their trust in the brand.

  3. Accurate statistics: accurate statistics on the number and behavior of customers, and real-time access to consumer feedback information.

  4. Fight against fraud: Each QR code is unique. By attaching the QR code label to the product, the user only needs to scan it with a mobile phone to immediately identify the authenticity, and push product pictures and anti-channeling information to customers. Increasing the cost of counterfeiting by counterfeiters, making it unprofitable for counterfeiting.

  5. Fan absorption function: As a medium of paper media and the Internet, two-dimensional codes are more and more accepted by the majority of customers. They use various methods to promote and utilize the curiosity of the public, and scan the code to increase fans.

  6. Brand promotion: With the help of QR codes, customer traffic from mobile terminals can be directed to the system platform, which can increase the click-through rate and conversion rate of the website, absorb website traffic and convert it into expansion and transaction traffic.

  7. E-commerce: As a convenient entrance to the mobile Internet, two-dimensional barcodes provide smart phone users with a convenient and effective user experience. It has greatly expanded the industry application space of mobile e-commerce in breadth and depth, and opened up the e-commerce industry chain of upstream and downstream information carriers, industry applications, operating platforms, and mobile terminals.

   8. Member management: The QR code is not only an anti-counterfeiting code for product identification, but also as a point certificate for member consumption. The system background automatically counts its consumption information and establishes member information files;

The advantages of    two, one item, one code anti-counterfeiting label:

  1. Promotion: One item, one code anti-counterfeiting label attracts consumers by means of red envelopes and gifts to increase brand influence and communication. The amount of red envelopes is corporate promotional money.

  2. Control consumption information: provide basic marketing tools such as QR code login, point management, mobile e-commerce drainage, red envelope payment docking, etc. It can also be used as the underlying platform of digital marketing activities for brand marketers and digital marketing service providers Technology and data development management platform. With this solution, brand marketers can also analyze consumer buying behavior.

   One item, one code anti-counterfeiting label not only simplifies the anti-counterfeiting check process, allowing consumers to easily check it, but also strengthens the role of anti-counterfeiting label; if you want to know more about one item one code anti-counterfeiting label Your knowledge, welcome to consult us. We will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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