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What are the features of the food traceability system?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-05
Counterfeit and inferior products are always emerging in the market. Food incidents have occurred in recent years, and various fake and inferior foods have emerged in an endless stream. In order to ensure food quality and safety, companies have customized food traceability systems to combat counterfeit and shoddy foods. Food traceability systems can To help companies monitor and record information on key links such as food planting (breeding), processing, packaging, testing, and transportation, then the editor here will introduce you to the functions and characteristics of the food traceability system.

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   1. The function of food traceability system:

  1. Raw material management: Manage the purchase, inspection, raw material, storage and supplier of raw materials.

  2. Production management: Manage production plans, production instructions, production feeds, and production quality inspections.

  3. Code assignment management: Manage production code assignment and storage code assignment.

  4. Warehouse management: Manage product warehouses, location management, inventory management, warehouse management, inventory alarms, etc.

   5. Distribution management: Manage dealers, distribution areas, realize distribution channels, and flow.

  6. Anti-counterfeiting management: Manage the client Internet query system, SMS management, mobile phone anti-counterfeiting query, etc.

  7. Anti-fleeing management: Manage the anti-fleeing code rule design and data statistics of the anti-fleeing user distribution terminal query system.

  8. Marketing management: collect product-related anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling data by means of member points, redemption of gifts, and awards.

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   2. Features of food traceability:

  1. The transparency of the traceability process: Every member of the food supply chain participates, and the information of every key link is open and transparent.

  2. Diversity of traceability levels: trace a country, a region, an enterprise to a specific production and operation link; from the product level, the food traceability system can trace a product, a batch, and a product. Until a specific raw material is traceable.

  3. Standardization of traceability information: Standardization of the collection, processing, transmission and application of traceability information is realized, and information sharing and communication between members of the food supply chain and between the food supply chain are realized.

  4. Confidentiality of traceability data: Pay attention to strengthening the protection of commercial secret information such as product recipes and sales statistics of members of the food supply chain, so as to improve the confidentiality of food traceability data.

  5. Timeliness of traceability data: By using the Internet environment to quickly locate the range of problem food endangered, release risk information in time, and immediately carry out food recall work, effectively prevent the proliferation of problem food and protect consumers’ health from threats .

  6. Flexibility in traceability operations: The application of key food traceability technologies such as species identification technology, electronic coding technology, and automatic identification and data collection technology will help enhance the ability of food traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, and improve food Flexibility of traceability operations.

  The food traceability system helps companies enhance the image of the product brand and increase consumers’ trust in the company; if you also need to build a food traceability system, welcome to consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience, We will bring you one-stop service.
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