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What are the features of the fertilizer QR code traceability system?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-15
With the frequent occurrence of food incidents, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of food. In order to ensure the safety of food, it is necessary to start from the source and strictly prohibit the inflow of counterfeit and inferior products; and as one of the sources of food supply, we must also protect it. For this reason, fertilizer companies have used the two-dimensional code traceability system to give each product a unique ID card to realize one item and one code, so that the company can grasp the life cycle management of fertilizer in the production, transportation, circulation and other links. . Then let's take a look at the functions and features of the fertilizer QR code traceability system.

(Fertilizer QR Code Traceability System)

   1. The role of the fertilizer QR code traceability system:

  1. Provide fertilizer QR code traceability function: The fertilizer QR code traceability system is based on; one item, one code feature, which can provide consumers with detailed traceability information of fertilizer products;

  2. Ability to monitor product quality: Tracking and tracing chemical fertilizers through monitoring, discover problems in time and deal with them quickly;

  3. Realize anti-smuggling supervision and management: The fertilizer QR code traceability system can track and manage the fertilizer to grasp the flow of fertilizer products. If the area where the fertilizer is located does not match the sales area, it may be a smuggling. It is helpful to discover the phenomenon of fleeing goods in time, so as to realize the prevention of fleeing goods;

  4. Data management: The back-end database of the fertilizer QR code traceability system can store a large amount of data related to fertilizer products. These data can help companies realize accurate marketing of products through analysis, improve marketing strategies, and adjust timely to obtain more information. Good marketing effect.

(Picture source network invasion and deletion)

   2. Features brought by the fertilizer QR code traceability system:

  1. Product informationization: The fertilizer QR code traceability system can realize 100% two-way traceability of fertilizers from raw materials to finished products, and from finished products to raw materials. The characteristic function of this system is data security. After the establishment of the QR code traceability system, once a related accident occurs, supervisors can use the system to judge whether the company has negligent behavior, and the system can also be used to find out which link, Which step has the problem, and who is responsible, avoids the difficulties in handling the accident due to incomplete information and unknown responsibilities, saves time and costs, and enables the problem to be resolved more quickly.

  2. Traceability standardization: Traceability is achieved through a two-dimensional code traceability, which is a two-dimensional code with traceability function printed on the traceability label or product packaging, and this traceability two-dimensional code is unique , Or unique in the same batch, so additional anti-counterfeiting features are unique. Therefore, the traceability of the QR code has become the key to the entire traceability system.

  3. Simplification of query: Since the emergence of smart phones, it has also led to the development and change of many industries. Mobile phones have become an important bridge connecting users and product information. The anti-counterfeiting traceability of smart phones has achieved a subversive change. Now almost all anti-counterfeiting traceability can be easily inquired through smart phones, eliminating complicated and tedious steps and making it convenient for consumers. In particular, the development of QR code technology has made it possible to trace the QR code. Consumers can get the relevant information of the product's full traceability by simply scanning it with a mobile phone.

  The fertilizer QR code traceability system enhances the brand image of the company and enhances the trust of consumers' multi-corporate brands; if you need to know more about the fertilizer QR code traceability system, please contact us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience, and will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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