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What are the characteristics of a good anti-counterfeiting label manufacturer

by:LG Printing     2021-08-27

With the continuous improvement of national policies, the traceability system is continuously receiving attention from all parties. Each enterprise has added a QR code anti-counterfeiting label with traceability function to its products. It is great news for consumers to consciously improve the visibility and competitiveness of their own brands, and their personal rights are protected.

However, one thing that cannot be ignored is the inferior anti-counterfeiting labels that are slowly polluting the overall environment of the anti-counterfeiting label industry. To avoid inferior anti-counterfeiting labels, companies need to be shrewd when choosing an anti-counterfeiting label production company. They must see clearly the qualifications of the anti-counterfeiting company. Office space, efficient Ru0026D team, perfect after-sales service, and stable system procedures. And anti-counterfeiting companies will also have corresponding inspections for companies that want to make anti-counterfeiting labels. The 'three certificates' are also required. Normally, for companies without the 'three certificatesUnqualified and non-standard companies will promote the spread of fake anti-counterfeiting labels for their own benefit.

Independent anti-counterfeiting label production and printing plants At present, there are many anti-counterfeiting companies in the market that are just marketing and promotion companies. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels needs to go to a third-party anti-counterfeiting label printing factory, and whether the production process of the third-party anti-counterfeiting label printing factory meets the standard and anti-counterfeiting It is difficult to guarantee whether the label data is safe and not leaked. Therefore, it is very important to have an independent anti-counterfeiting label printing plant.

After-sales service of anti-counterfeiting label company In the process of cooperating with anti-counterfeiting company, after-sales service should be paid great attention. Once there is no one to take care of after-sales service, it is a big problem for merchants. Therefore, we should first understand which customers the anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers have cooperated with, and what is the after-sales service situation. Through the cooperation of customers, we can see the strength of the anti-counterfeiting company. Anti-counterfeiting companies themselves must do a good job in after-sales service.

A good anti-counterfeiting solution can quickly dispel the doubts of consumers, gain consumer recognition, and thereby increase purchases; while general anti-counterfeiting solutions may increase the time for consumers to inquire, which may lead to loss of customers. Therefore, whether it is convenient for consumers to check the authenticity or not, also needs to be an important aspect of the selection of anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers. As a standardized anti-counterfeiting label manufacturer, there must be an independent anti-counterfeiting verification center, and the verification center must conform to national standards to ensure safety and stability, so as to ensure that consumers can inquire about the authenticity of products anytime and anywhere.

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