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What are the characteristics and scope of the application of anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-11
Consumers often look for the existence of product labels when buying products. Of course, different anti-counterfeiting labels are mutually determined by different materials, and the current anti-counterfeiting technology is getting higher and higher. It is difficult for people who are not in regular contact with it to describe its types and characteristics in detail. Today I will talk to you about the types of characteristics of uncovering the anti-counterfeiting labels.

  一. Digital technology lift-off

  This label is based on the LOGO sub-layer on the paper surface. It is made by printing 20-digit anti-counterfeiting digital technology, and then covering the printed paper with special ink. From the anti-counterfeiting label level, it is divided into three parts: the surface layer, the sub-layer isolation layer, and the lower layer. The surface layer is a printing layer, which can print text and patterns; the sub-layer is a transparent or colored isolation layer printed with anti-counterfeiting identity codes; the lower layer is used for Anti-stick release paper. If the anti-counterfeiting digital technology that prints special font styles can better improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the LOGO, it is suitable for the flat labeling of various product labels and prize sales, etc. The feature of the digital technology lift-off anti-counterfeit label is also to prevent the LOGO from being Transfer and 2 uses.

   Two, peel-off recognition

   This anti-counterfeiting label is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting mark that combines the technology of lifting and scratching. The anti-counterfeiting performance is very strong. Applicable to mid-to-high-end commodity applications

  三. Realize the category of fabrics

   1. Double coated paper, OPP, PE, Pet, po, etc. can be selected according to the actual needs of the printing method, surface layer of the substrate, etc. The material can be made of white, matte silver, light silver or other colors. Can be made into a colorful effect.

  2. The surface material can be coated according to the printing method. The surface of the processed material has printing and printing functions, and is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. It can save the printing ribbon and reduce the loss of the printer; printing with offset printing, gravure printing and other printing methods can show exquisite printing effect

  3. When the logo is torn off from the surface of the sticky material, the pre-set text or picture of the material is separated and the material remains intact on the surface of the sticky material, and the material and font cannot be recovered after tearing.

  4. The fonts preset in the material can be text, pictures, or other special-version pictures designated by the user. The use of special edition pictures greatly improves the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting and advances the corporate image.

   Four. Realize categories in various fields of operation

  1, used to make sealing labels. It is widely used in various fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, food, electronic equipment, freight logistics, express delivery, documents, letters, warehousing and logistics. Put the anti-counterfeiting sealing label on the sealing part of the object to prevent documents, mails, packages from being opened and used without the authorization of the agency, and used to distinguish the phenomenon of unauthorized or unreasonable and legal opening of the sealed object.

  2, used to make tamper evident marks. It is widely used in various fields such as IT, electronic devices, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, shopping malls, etc., to put anti-tipping labels on products to avoid labels and logos from being lifted and reused, to distinguish whether they are not authorized Or the phenomenon of unreasonable and legal opening of the blocked goods.

  3. Used to make warranty marks. It is widely used in IT, electronic devices, household appliances, and places the warranty label on the key position of the product to prevent the product or the contents of the package from being pulled, changed, or fraudulently used. It is used to distinguish whether it has not been authorized or unreasonably legally opened. Unreasonable legal warranty caused by damage to the product caused by the product.

   tear-open anti-counterfeiting labels can choose different substrates according to the printing method and the condition of the substrate. The preset fonts in the substrate can also be designated for special editions. It is mostly used in product sealing labels, such as medicine, health food, electronic products, confidential documents, high-standard tobacco and alcohol, etc., to prevent unauthorized disassembly and misappropriation of documents, packages, plastic films, etc., to improve product image and consumption It is an important means for buyers to purchase confidence, anti-counterfeiting, confidentiality and anti-transfer.
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