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What are the benefits to the enterprise qr code anti-counterfeiting system?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-06
Nowadays, with the rising of level, to provide for everyone, everyone started to food health specification has a lot of improving the reliability of the regulations. Event continued in recent years, the food problems, everyone can't comfort eating out, because food issues give you health of body and mind planted hidden danger. So, what kind of reasonable method can prevent the formation of this kind of difficulty? Through market research shows that food qr code image anti-counterfeiting traceability system can have active effect to its difficulties. What is a qr code food traceability system software? < br />
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anti-counterfeiting qr code food traceability of food traceability system software is in food manufacturing company, according to the free online code assignment system software such as qr code printed on the package picture number, customers using a mobile phone on a scanner can get the ingredients of all production process, can also grasp the details to the manufacturer's. Like people on the train, the train ticket on the qr code image includes its own information content is the same, food packaging materials the qr code on the picture is food; Id card number, the customers see clear production process, it will cause trust to the food, which can model for famous brand satisfaction. < br />
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2. What's the use of qr code image food traceability system company?

  1. Qr code image food traceability system software is different from other brand promotion plan, qr code image it is understood that the benefits of food traceability system software, to its average cost to each 1 after the packing is not high, second is if in the production of producing food money into sales market, whether the selling, if customers see, can cause a good impression to well-known brands, more than marketing purpose.

  1. Products anti-counterfeiting query: when consumers to buy the product, by scanning qr code anti-counterfeiting labels on the products directly to query the product authenticity, simple, quick, effective, to promote the sweep rate of the product. At the same time also to be able to traditional enterprise product docking with the mobile Internet.

  2. Members integral management: by scanning qr code anti-counterfeiting labels on the products consumers can jump straight to the enterprise WeChat public or integral in the mall, by lead consumers to register as a member, after the query product authenticity can directly obtain the corresponding integral, integral can directly in the integral in the mall for consumer to buy the product of the enterprise, increase the viscosity of consumers.

  3. Send red envelopes: WeChat hair red envelopes now become numerous consumer favorite activities, according to the consumer preferences enterprise to develop all kinds of marketing play a red envelope, to communicate with consumers face to face communication, enhance viscosity of consumers.

  4. Product distribution management: go wechat business way is many companies inductive situation to make a choice now, but how to spend the trust, how to strengthen its management of goods, is now, many companies can't handle, qr code anti-counterfeit labels not only deal with these problems, also can supply distribution system, the company is the weapon of a foray into micro dealer market.

  5. Product quality traceability: product quality traceability can reassure consumers purchase products, product production process transparency, let consumers buy the rest assured, with peace of mind. Qr code anti-counterfeiting system allows the company management more and more bright, dealer management more standard, more fine goods management. < br />
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today, a lot of fake commodities appear had to let the owner attaches great importance to the necessity of anti-counterfeit labels. Create qr code image food traceability system software to make the company's goods and other companies in the same industry have diverse, and even is difference from other similar, improve commodity competition ability. In other words, how to let the customer identification of goods, you ordered security traceability system will display information out of its use value and practical significance; Let customers according to the security system can be quickly traced, promote the commodity be customer recognition, it will be to curb counterfeit goods in the future one of, the effective way. Create qr code image food traceability system software to make the company's goods and other companies in the same industry have to be diversified, and even is difference from other similar, improve commodity competition ability.

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