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What are the benefits of the anti-traffic system for dealers?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-05
Everyone has a certain understanding of anti-counterfeiting, so do you know the knowledge of anti-counterfeiting? In fact, the anti-sweeping system is also very important, and its meaning is well understood. Literally speaking, it is to prevent the fleeing of goods, prevent the goods from area A, where they are sold in area B, and the sales price is even higher than that of area A. The area is low, which is very annoying. In fact, what manufacturers are more afraid of is the fleeing of goods between distributors, which forces manufacturers to make repeated concessions. Then the editor will take everyone to analyze a wave of dealers;

   First of all, I think there are four reasons why dealers are fleeing goods:

  1. Regional price difference: Brands have different directions of market development. They have invested heavily in the core market. Some areas may adopt a policy of small profits but quicker sales and low product prices. Such operating policies have triggered Regional price difference, if market control is not in place, it will inevitably lead to fleeing goods.

  2. Seize the core market: This is one of the more common stock-sweeping behaviors. Agent A near the immature area sells goods to the mature market area B, and sells goods quickly to make extra profits. The behavior seriously dampens the activity and core interests of A's agent, and has a serious impact on the brand.

  3. Channel sales: When the market area in Region A is saturated, the agents in Region A will sell and ship at low prices to the surrounding immature and undersaturated regions. From a long-term point of view, we will catch fish today, and we will sigh tomorrow. , It damages the core interests of agents in area B.

  4. Performance meets the target: In order to complete the tasks delivered by the headquarters, some distributors will reduce the size of the goods, sprint to complete the tasks, get rebates or rewards from the manufacturers, and then ship them to major market areas at low prices in batches to other agents It caused a lot of damage, and it also damaged the reputation of the brand and disrupted the balance of the market.

   So at this time, if the anti-cashing system is added, the benefits will be the following:

  1. Realize that the goods in area A are only sold in area A and will not go to area B. If the goods in area A are found in area B, the source of the goods can be found through scanning, and then they will be returned to area A. .

  2. Realization of dealer hierarchical management: The anti-smuggling system can realize the differentiated management of dealers; for example, there are different policies and price systems for provincial agents, municipal agents, and county-level agents. Will not disrupt prices and shake other agents.

  3, unified management of product information: all product information pictures, parameters, functions and other information are set in the system, at a glance, different levels of dealers have different prices. After the dealers of different levels log in to the anti-sweeping system, they can see the purchase price, rebate and other information of the goods at this level, and realize sub-level management.

   The above is the editor’s understanding of the anti-smuggling system. In fact, it can also monitor all aspects of product production, logistics and transportation, as well as dealer management, sales process management, etc., to achieve the performance of each product. Transparency allows consumers to feel at ease about the product and the company. So when you want to buy a certain brand of cosmetics or food, you must understand clearly whether their company has such a system, after all. You must be careful when you eat things on your face and stomach; be careful.

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