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What are the benefits of developing a micro-business anti-smuggling system for enterprises?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-12
In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the popularity of WeChat, sales advertisements can be seen everywhere. Many illegal businessmen sell fake and shoddy products through e-commerce platforms. Under the banner of well-known brands, they sell cheap fake and shoddy products, harming the interests of enterprises and consumers. Therefore, e-commerce platforms need anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping. So, how does the One Object One Code Anti-Fleeing System deal with this problem now?

  1. Anti-smuggling allows some dealers to take advantage of improper benefits. What is even more frightening is that some people will use fakes to fish and fish, which seriously disrupts the normal market order, but many companies cannot come up with practical and effective solutions. The result is often unstoppable. The development of a one-item one-code anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping system can solve these difficulties.

  2. One item and one code give each product a variable QR code identification, which is seamlessly connected with the enterprise management system data. Through the analysis of big data, all the information of the product is clear at a glance, allowing all the destinations of the product All are traceable.

  3. For enterprises, the use of the micro-commerce anti-smuggling system can implement dynamic tracking of commodities, confirm the whereabouts of commodities, and be more clear about the details of each link. For consumers, consumers can check the authenticity of the goods through one item and one code, even after the goods leave the factory, the entire process can be tracked and inquired, which can monitor and eliminate the possibility of various bad behaviors harming the interests of consumers. .

  4. Companies can also provide functions such as one item, one code scan code and earn points, which enhances the interaction between consumers and companies. This combination of digital interactive marketing provides opportunities for consumers to participate in interaction. The application of the micro-business anti-smuggling system in the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling industry not only allows companies to understand the behavior of the fleeing goods at a glance, but also rectifies the market order, and also plays an important role in the marketing management of the company.

  5. Help companies quickly manage wide-area distribution channels, and solve the problems of disjointed sales and production and unbalanced inventory in different regions.

  6. It is convenient for enterprise managers to timely and accurately grasp the business process, data and existing problems of each link of logistics management, and to evaluate and make correct decisions based on the business statistics and summary data provided by the system. Manage and control the entire logistics sales business;

  7. Can quickly and effectively inquire problematic products and processing links, carry out product recalls when necessary, and implement targeted penalties to improve product quality;

   8. With this platform, warehouse logistics management can be realized, and warehouse information management can be realized with the help of integrated code system technology.

  9. Establish a corporate customer database, realize the meticulous management of consumers, create more profits for the company, and provide important data support for the company's decision-making.

   In addition, the one-code one-code anti-smuggling platform can also collect and track product production, warehousing, distribution, logistics distribution, shopping core inspections and consumer data to complete product production, sales, and circulation links , The whole life cycle management of service links. Complete the pursuit of process data, improve the management of distribution channels, avoid emergencies, reduce enterprise logistics costs, and improve the overall management capabilities of the enterprise. The above content is what we know today. One thing, one code, anti-sweeping platform, completes channel anti-sweeping management, and handles anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, tracking, integration, marketing, big data management and other functions for enterprises, facilitating enterprise management and improving enterprises Sales performance.

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