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What are the applications of the two-dimensional code traceability system in food?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-25
Food issues have always been the focus of attention. However, food problems have occurred frequently in recent years. The reason is that there are many problems in the food production process, and there are too many human involvements in each link, making errors and false information difficult to verify in each link, which seriously affects the overall product management and information inquiry. To fundamentally solve the food problem, a two-dimensional code traceability system is needed. The source code of the two-dimensional code traceability system is strictly controlled and managed through the two-dimensional code traceability system. Every product that leaves the factory can be traced through scanning the code to trace the production information and raw material information throughout the process, achieving lean production management and achieving transparency in product production .

  一. Two-dimensional code traceability system in food solutions

  1. Food industry quality traceability program

   Food two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system is a production, processing, inspection, supervision and consumption of all walks of life, allowing consumers to understand the hygienic and reliable production and circulation process, and improving consumers' confidence.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling solutions in the food industry

   The food QR code anti-counterfeiting system uses consumer anti-counterfeiting verification and inquiries, and the dealer's inbound and outbound scan code can automatically determine the phenomenon of diverting goods according to product logistics area information and consumer inquiries location information.

  3. Consumer marketing plan for the food industry

  After purchasing the products of the company, consumers scan the QR code on the logo to participate in the interactive marketing activities set up by the company to grab red envelopes. After winning the prize, they can directly enter the official account to receive it. The operation is simple and convenient. Consumers scan the QR code to participate in the marketing interaction Activities, easily achieve the purpose of promotion, collect marketing activity data, analyze consumer characteristics, distribution, consumption habits and other information with the help of big data analysis, guide the company's marketing strategy and sales strategy, and make the company's marketing measures more effective. Abundant marketing activities, tailor-made for enterprises, expand the influence of brands and products.

  4. Food traceability system is a food quality traceability system based on variable two-dimensional codes. With the development of two-dimensional codes in the anti-counterfeiting industry, today's two-dimensional codes can effectively solve various problems of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting in the whole process of food from production to terminal sales. The food traceability system will collect the data from the source of the food and record it in the QR code. Through the one-object-one-code technology, each product is given its own two-dimensional code. Each two-dimensional code is different. , Through the equipment configured in each link of product delivery, distribution, product receipt, warehousing, and outbound sales, real-time monitoring and management of products can be carried out by scanning codes.

  5. When the food is on the shelf, consumers only need to scan the QR code on the product with their mobile phone to obtain the origin, trial production manufacturer, logistics and transportation, warehouse management and terminal sales of the purchased product. The detailed information of the link enables consumers to trace the quality of products conveniently and quickly without professional knowledge.

   The above content is the QR code anti-counterfeiting system we know about today, so that every product will have a QR code, no matter where the product is sent, there will be a record, and consumers can scan the QR code to inquire Can earn points, improve brand influence, and accelerate brand communication. The food traceability system, based on the QR code, turns every product into an entrance for communication with consumers. Create an ecosystem with consumer experience as the core, participation interaction and customized services as the support, and continue to attract consumers to participate in the interaction. The food traceability system makes the product not limited to the single physical nature of the product, but extends to diversification. Put consumers in an important position, take the consumer experience as the guide, and continuously increase consumers' sense of participation and trust in the product.
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