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What are the applications of self-adhesive labels in various industries

by:LG Printing     2021-08-26
1. What types of self-adhesive labels are roughly divided into:

1. Paper-based self-adhesive labels are mainly used for liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used for daily chemicals in China Product. At present, the popular personal care products and household liquid washing products on the market account for a large proportion, so the corresponding paper materials are used more.

2. Film type self-adhesive labels are commonly used in PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials. The film materials are mainly white, matte, and transparent. Because the printability of the film material is not very good, it is generally treated with corona or by adding a coating on the surface to enhance its printability. In order to avoid deformation or tearing of some film materials during the printing and labeling process, some materials will also undergo directional treatment, uniaxial stretching or biaxial stretching, for example, the application of biaxially stretched BOPP materials is quite common.

Second, what are the applications of self-adhesive labels in various industries:

1. The growth of average life expectancy in the pharmaceutical industry and the development of medical technology have made the pharmaceutical industry a prosperous sunrise Industry, especially after SARS, people’s awareness of health care has been further enhanced, and more health care products have been born, which has further accelerated the development of the pharmaceutical industry; non-prescription drugs have been placed on the shelves, making various medical products more demanding for the aesthetics of label printing. High; At the same time, the country's regulatory measures for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the implementation of GMP certification, have promoted the pharmaceutical industry to more standardized packaging requirements. The previous wet glue labeling will be replaced by self-adhesive labels due to various shortcomings, and the growth of medical bottle packaging and the widespread use of automatic labeling will make self-adhesive labels an absolute advantage in this industry.

2. Supermarket logistics industry With the rapid development of China's retail industry, foreign retail giants have entered China one after another, and domestic supermarkets have sprung up like mushrooms, and the demand for thermal labels in major supermarkets will only increase. In addition, in the future, enterprises will pay more attention to logistics control to save costs and improve efficiency. Thermal transfer barcode labels are needed to control production management, inventory management, and quality tracking.

3. Electronics industry. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the electronics industry in China develops at a rapid pace every year. The popularity of household appliances, mobile phones, computers and various innovative electronic products The emergence and development of RFID labels have brought a broader market and more application fields to electronic labels. Electronic product labels have also brought a huge Imagine space.

4. Tire industry. The rapid development of the automobile industry in recent years has also driven the development of its related industries. The average annual growth rate of 15% has also driven the increase in tire production. The ratio of the number of cars and tires is 1:5. From a point of view, the annual new demand for tires averages more than 20 million, and the annual export volume is also rising. As Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, and Giti continue to expand their business and export quotas in China, the application prospects of adhesive labels in the tire market are broad.

5. Compared with the aforementioned industries, the food industry has a smaller application of self-adhesive labels. In mature foreign markets, self-adhesive labels account for about 20% of the various forms of labels in the food industry, mainly wet-adhesive labels, accounting for 68%. However, in some high-end products, self-adhesive labels have also been accepted and used, especially on some outer packaging bottles of chocolate and candies, self-adhesive labels are widely used as a means to highlight the shelf effect. At present, the proportion of self-adhesive labels used in the food industry is very small in China, which also brings more room for the growth of self-adhesive labels in the food industry.

6. The clothing industry is abroad, and many brands of clothing are marked and priced with self-adhesive labels. With the increase in domestic clothing exports, the use of self-adhesive labels in the clothing industry has gradually been accepted by people. Its main advantage is that it can give people a neat and tidy feeling, and it can be integrated with the clothing, which not only reflects the effect, but also facilitates consumers to view it, so it is used by many well-known brands of clothing.

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