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What are the applications of pesticides in the traceability of QR codes?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-17
According to the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, companies must add QR code anti-counterfeiting labels to pesticide products, so as to realize traceability monitoring and management of products, so that the source of pesticide products can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, responsibility can be investigated, and risks can be controlled. Let’s take a look at the role of the pesticide label QR code and the specific implementation steps.

  一. The role of QR code

  Pesticide label two-dimensional code should be unique, and one two-dimensional code corresponds to a unique sales and packaging unit. Each level of packaging is coded separately according to the packaging level, and an association relationship is established for packaging above two levels. Enterprises can establish themselves or entrust a third party to establish a QR code traceability information system website to independently produce, label and manage pesticide label QR codes. Relevant agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture can establish a national pesticide traceability information system platform. Enterprises can use this platform to apply for and download QR codes for free, make and mark them on pesticide labels, and upload product in- and out-of-warehouse traceability information to the national pesticide traceability information in a timely manner the system platform.

  二. The traceability requirements for the products of the Ministry of Agriculture are:

  1. It is necessary to print or paste an associated QR code on the outsourcing box;

  2. It is necessary to install a collection and correlation integrated system on the production line;

  3. The product and order information need to be associated and managed when shipping.

  三. The steps:

  . 1. Data generation and printing

   The system generates a product QR code data package, and the company sends it to the printer to print it directly on the product bag or label. Enterprises can fill in product information on the system platform to generate a QR code printing package

  2. Data collection and correlation

   can use two methods of collection and storage. The factory assembly line installs our company's special industrial flat panel and high-speed industrial scanner to automatically collect and store them. The management system backstage uploads the .TXT printing package into the warehouse in batches.

  Read and collect the QR code information of each single product online, and establish an association relationship according to the packaging ratio; there are two ways of association:

   When the box is full, print the box code online, and then paste the box; paste the box code first, and then scan the box code for association after the box is full.

   Do not change the existing production method, install collection equipment at the front end of the box. According to the quantity of each box of products, the box code is automatically generated after the association is associated and stored.

  3. Data upload and activation

   read each collected data online, as well as the relationship between the data, and upload it to the back-end system. Consumers scan product QR codes through different query channels to inquire about the authenticity and flow of products. Only the collected data can be activated, and the uncollected data cannot be scanned for product information.

   Four. Advantages

   1. Through accurate algorithm, multiple encryption. Can not calculate and copy in batches to prevent fraud.

  2. In addition to meeting the national standard, there are anti-counterfeiting functions, positioning functions, uploading of inspection reports, e-commerce marketing interface settings, etc., killing two birds with one stone.

  3. The QR code system can achieve the accuracy of the two-dimensional code data without a scanning gun, reducing labor links and labor costs for enterprises.

  4. There are three modes to choose from to help you reach the standard, online coding, code segment management, and code scanning gun entry. One system has three modes at the same time, how can it also meet the needs of enterprises.

  5. The database has a built-in anti-counterfeiting code. Unlike systems developed by other companies, which collect data every day and upload it to the server, the query will be very slow after one or two years, or even scan it out. The advantage of Shenbiao's system is that it will not swell the server, and the longer the time, the larger the data, resulting in slower queries. The built-in anti-counterfeiting code of the Shenbiao system is completely enough for large enterprises to use, and there is no upper limit.

   The establishment of a pesticide QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system is the general trend, which is convenient for consumers to distinguish the authenticity, also helps enterprises to accumulate product sales data, and is also conducive to government supervision.

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