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What are the anti-counterfeiting methods for optical anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-21
Nowadays, there are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels, and there are many anti-counterfeiting technologies. Among many anti-counterfeiting products, optical anti-counterfeiting labels are not the same as other anti-counterfeiting labels. The raw materials of such anti-counterfeiting labels are also different from other products. The characteristics of the product. In the industry, optical anti-counterfeiting labels are commonly called laser anti-counterfeiting labels and laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Why is laser anti-counterfeiting label also called optical anti-counterfeiting label? This stems from the fact that the production technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is related to optics. All industry insiders call laser anti-counterfeiting labels optical anti-counterfeiting labels. Let's take a look at the characteristics of optical anti-counterfeiting labels!

  Imitation diamond optical security label

  Optical anti-counterfeiting is technically an advanced term for laser technology. It is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate-making technology and molded imitation technology. The plate-making technologies that can be completed are: dot matrix dynamic brilliance, one-time Special laser film, 3D optical miniature scenery, colorful optical random interaction, Chinese and English uranium abbreviations, etc.

   1. Optical anti-counterfeiting label features:

  1. Optical anti-counterfeiting film characteristics

  The optical anti-counterfeiting film is a high gloss for cigarettes, and the holographic projection layer is an authorized film, which has good antistatic properties, anti-blocking properties and very high business adaptability. It is also resistant to ink corrosion, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc., which can be very high. The fragrance has strong anti-counterfeiting, very beautiful, emerald green and environmentally friendly. The colors are colorful and simple, with a single star, a variety of rainbow colors, really colorful, yes, no, etc., while the image is a two-dimensional animation, three-dimensional, and a variety of dynamic displays.

  2, optical anti-counterfeiting label raw materials

   Optical anti-counterfeiting film is a new technology and new environmental protection material newly developed and designed. At present, BOPP optical anti-counterfeiting aluminized film, migration film, and Tongming altitude reaction film. PET optical anti-counterfeiting aluminized film, composite film, hot stamping film, etc. are all raw materials for optical anti-counterfeiting labels.

   Optical anti-counterfeiting film is a plasmid carrier for laser holograms. Usually, according to a very special production process, composite optical anti-counterfeiting paper cards can be produced, as well as migrating optical anti-counterfeiting paper cards. It also has high security, sufficient anti-counterfeiting, and it is also a beautiful color and the illusion of the actual effect of sports. Therefore, it is often used on the edge of packaging, packaging printing, interior decoration, wine, tobacco, medicine and other fields. . There are many such optical anti-counterfeiting labels, and different anti-counterfeiting label methods have different actual effects.

   Usually, the raw materials for the production of anti-counterfeiting labels are different. Anti-counterfeiting materials are used to make necessary basic materials such as anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting trademarks, anti-counterfeiting receipts, and anti-counterfeiting cards. The characteristic of this kind of raw material is that there is a certain degree of difficulty in the process of producing the raw material itself, and the cost may be relatively high. According to different types, different raw materials can be used, usually paper-based stickers, PVC breakable paper, water-based printing paper, anti-counterfeiting, the whole process, and laser labels are all iron oxide laser films. Anti-counterfeiting materials include anti-counterfeiting ink, key light-decay anti-counterfeiting ink of anti-counterfeiting ink, infrared sensor anti-counterfeiting ink, variable temperature ink, ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting ink, scratch ink, sun-fading ink, etc.

   The above is a detailed introduction to the characteristics and raw materials of optical anti-counterfeiting labels. This type of label has a wide range of applications, such as digital technology, pharmaceuticals, skin care products, etc., and the cost of this type of label is low. If you need to customize the anti-counterfeiting label, welcome to consult Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting: 400-998-0111
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