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What are the anti-counterfeiting functions, do you know?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-31
Anti-counterfeiting is particularly important in the era when fakes are rampantly rampant. It is not only a guarantee for products, but also a guarantee for consumers, and it is also a protection for enterprises. Why do you say that, because in the society of the commodity age economy, everyone will go to buy things, after all, society is a large-scale trading market. So, consumers pay special attention to the authenticity of products. From the elderly to the children, fake and inferior products cannot be used. If digital products are not maintained, then, if it is food, I can't even think of the consequences. Therefore, consumers now take this anti-counterfeiting very seriously, so do you know some of its functions? Next, let the editor introduce to you, what are the anti-counterfeiting functions?

  Anti-counterfeiting system functions summarize a few points:

  1. Multifunctional QR code label: Everyone is familiar with QR code. The convenience and speed of QR code is loved by the majority of people. We integrate this technology into anti-counterfeiting, and it will let you The public feels it is easier to operate. Simply put, the QR code anti-counterfeiting label system is based on the QR code identification. When the anti-counterfeiting system completes the digital processing of the product, you can see your product information.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting label activation skills: In order to make the product price consistent, in order to prevent the anti-counterfeiting label from being stolen before being sold, the product information and dealer information on the product label can be activated by using the activation skills during product delivery. The information in the anti-counterfeiting label of the QR code in the system, and then guarantee that the registered anti-counterfeiting label is not activated for use. Avoid the appearance of counterfeit and inferior products and the occurrence of the phenomenon of fleeing goods. After all, there are always some criminals who want to take advantage of the loopholes, so the cross-cargo system is very important.

  3. Special marketing: The current anti-counterfeiting code is very useful and widely used. It is not only limited to product anti-counterfeiting, but can also become a special marketing model. For example, it can help businesses build a WeChat mall for consumption. When scanning the authenticity of the product, the user can pay attention to a specific official account, and have several free opportunities to help inquire about the authenticity of the product. At the same time, the merchant can push their own product and brand concepts and usage methods in the official account. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting is not only anti-counterfeiting, it is diverse and multi-functional, it can make businesses more profitable, and it can also allow consumers to more quickly and conveniently check the authenticity of their products.

  4. Data association: It can realize data association, make anti-counterfeiting labels and products one-to-one correspondence, display product information, so that consumers can see all kinds of information about their products more clearly.

  5. Intelligent recognition: When the user scans the anti-counterfeiting side, the system automatically recognizes the corresponding anti-counterfeiting code on the label to identify the authenticity of the product, which is faster and more convenient.

  6. Product tracking: Combine with product production and warehouse management to realize intelligent tracing of market circulation, and you can directly find the source of the product. Let customers feel more at ease.

   Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting function is very powerful now. It has not only achieved anti-counterfeiting, but also achieved what the market needs more today, which is marketing, which not only helps companies retain customers, but also provides protection for consumers , And it is also very important that it maintains the balance of this market. It has done it, reducing counterfeiters and adding a lot of conscientious products, so that consumers can have less worries when buying goods. The above is the introduction of the anti-counterfeiting function of the editor. On behalf of the class, students should remember to compare them.

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