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What are the advantages of the traceability system, do you know?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-28
Everyone has a general understanding of traceability, so what are the advantages of the product traceability system? What benefits can it provide for everyone? I think the traceability system is very powerful. Why is it that it can check the supply of raw materials and check the sales channels? The whole process can be understood clearly and completely transparent. Only conscience companies dare to use this system. Well, the products of this kind of company must be of high quality, hygienic, and all qualified. Then I will talk about the advantages of retrospective!

   The very popular traceability system is called:; one thing, one code. What does it mean, that is, each product has its own independent and unique code, which is equivalent to a person’s ID card, and this code is the product’s ID card. So, whenever a product has a quality problem, how do we solve it? This time reflects the advantages of retrospective.

The advantages of    traceability system include the following points:

  1. When a quality problem occurs, you can track down the specific production line, specific operating staff, and raw material suppliers. You can track down layer by layer, and then find out the source of the problem.

  2. When a quality problem occurs, the defective product can be recalled directly, without the need for a large-scale recall.

  3. The traceability code flow and turnover are all entered into the system, which can prevent malicious fleeing of goods between channels. The harm caused by the fleeing of goods is also huge, once discovered, report it in time.

  4. The traceability code can also integrate WeChat marketing functions. Anti-counterfeiting functions such as traceability and WeChat marketing can be realized by printing the QR code (including WeChat marketing website + traceability code + online verification function).

  The more significant feature of the traceability management system is that it can also trace the entire process of the product, verify the authenticity of the product, and obtain the product's production information content, processing information, production person in charge, product entry and exit time, location, and logistics list No., shipment quantity, storage information, etc., as long as it is related to the customer or the product, you can clearly understand it by scanning the traceability code. Through this system, the production links of the enterprise can also be controlled, and the production development can be strictly checked at every level, so that a small problem will not be missed. Because of the development of the mobile Internet, it has become an inevitable trend to introduce computer and barcode technology into the field of product traceability systems. This not only enables accurate, fast, simple and convenient operations, but also real-time understanding of product information through data collection, management, retrieval, archiving and statistics, and strict quality control, which can prevent counterfeit products from harming the reputation of the company. Can make customers feel more reliable and assured.

   Therefore, the traceability system is really a special key. With the traceability system, customers can check whether the goods they buy are reliable through such a system, and are no longer afraid of buying goods that endanger their health. And now many regions have begun to create traceability system management, based on the traceability of products, so that unqualified products have nowhere to hide, and also allow customers to purchase more reliable products, which truly ensure the health of the general public. At the same time, for the company, it is also a good way to improve its corporate image, and it also facilitates its own management, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. The above is about the advantages of the traceability system that the editor introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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