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What are the advantages of the product traceability system, do you know?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-21
With the development of science and technology, more and more products appear in the eyes of our consumers. When we face the products we like, we will worry about the quality of the products, and we will worry about the products again and again, always feel that, Will this product be bad? With the product traceability system, we can dispel this worry. The product traceability system has many functions, it is multi-functional, and it allows us consumers to know the product in a multi-faceted manner. Good or bad, many people will say that it is not enough to look at anti-counterfeiting labels. However, many black technologies in the counterfeiting industry can imitate the appearance of anti-counterfeiting labels, but their systems cannot be counterfeited. Tell me about the product traceability system.

   First of all, let’s get to know what a traceability system is: it integrates multiple functions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-sweeping, production control, sales statistics, fake alarm and tracking, and can realize commodity merchants, distributors and consumers. The product information of quality inspection is interconnected and interactive. The system can be verified in real time through the mobile terminal channel. The company's market inspectors or managers can trace the detailed production information, warehousing information, logistics information, consumer information, etc. of the product through the QR code, and the batch can be traced through the production batch number. Product flow area and quantity, improve enterprise management level. This system can also automatically count data based on customer inquiries, help companies carry out accurate marketing, and increase product sales.

  Secondly, the advantages of the product traceability system include the following:

  1. Create credible product information for consumers: Consumers can scan the QR code on the traceability label of the QR code to query the product’s detailed parameters, corporate license qualifications and production traceability information. The production traceability information includes Product raw material procurement information, production link execution information, product inspection report and warehousing link information. Enter the anti-counterfeiting code number in the scraping layer of the label to check the anti-counterfeiting information of the product.

  2. Improve management and save implementation costs: The two-dimensional code traceability management system platform provides cloud services for enterprises, which is versatile and easy to use, effectively saving hardware costs for system deployment. The system includes enterprise information configuration, product information configuration, production management and anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling management, etc. Enterprises can customize corresponding modules and functions based on their own conditions, which are applicable and practical.

  3. Real-time traceability control, and also anti-smuggling of goods: In addition to providing services for enterprises on the PC side, the QR code traceability management system also has related supporting functions on the mobile side to help enterprise personnel operate records in real time on the production line. This customer The terminal includes functions such as material picking, production link control, picking and outgoing records, and cargo inspections, which can be used with the management background to improve production efficiency. When an enterprise is troubled by the problem of diverting goods, the QR code traceability system can track the goods through the order, and the relevant inspectors can determine the direction of the order by scanning the QR code on the goods, and find the situation of the diverted goods in time.

  The product traceability system is very important to our lives. Its existence allows us to purchase products without worries, and to better choose our favorite products, so that we can inquire about the source. When you choose, you won’t worry about the quality of the goods you buy. It can effectively combat counterfeiting and make the market more balanced. Its emergence is very good for our consumers and enterprises. Yes, the above is the introduction of the product traceability system by Shanghai Shangyuan editor, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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