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What are the advantages of the one-size-for-all technology? And what is the connection with WeChat?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-28
WeChat is open in all aspects; one thing, one code function, combined with small programs and big data, opens up the information barrier between merchants and consumers. Retail brand merchants can add it in the background of the authentication service account; apply for one-item one-code function plug-ins. After the application is passed, the merchants can independently develop or authorize access to the WeChat open community; third-party service providers with one-item one code capability conduct research and development . So what is the relationship between the one-item one-code technology and WeChat? What advantages does it bring?

  一. The one thing one code technology is related to WeChat:

  1. One thing, one code technology' is a technology that uses cloud platforms to connect consumers, enterprises, and circulation, so as to provide all-round O2O marketing, anti-counterfeiting traceability, warehousing logistics and other solutions.< br/>

  2.; One Object One Code WeChat is a piece of one object one code software developed on the basis of WeChat combined with the One Object One Code technology. This software seamlessly connects to the WeChat platform, and combines the WeChat scan function to scan the code to receive the red envelope marketing function.

  3. With the 'one thing, one code' technology, it can build a real-time dynamic intelligent big data promotion service platform, realize the whole promotion process can be controlled, gifts and promotion dynamics can be adjusted dynamically, and complete traditional promotion offline to online. Bridging effectively enhances the interaction between the brand and consumers, and helps increase influence and communication.

  二. What are the advantages of one-product-one-code technology?

  1. Commercial code anti-counterfeiting: 'One item, one code' sets up a unique 'ID number' for each product, and establishes a traceability system from raw materials-production and processing-products-logistics-sales to the whole process, through these' identification number'. Product quality can be accurately transmitted to consumers. Microcode is a Tencent patented code system, which cannot be cracked or imitated. This greatly improves the reliability of merchant code making and allows brand products to be sold, sold quickly, and sold well.

   2. The way out for marketing: interact with users through the ability to follow the official account components, and small program red envelopes, attract consumers to return to the official account, continue to provide services to consumers, and turn every product into one; Distribution channels, bid farewell to traditional high-cost and ineffective marketing methods, and achieve accurate marketing.

  3. Control user information: Merchants can analyze consumer purchase behavior and understand product trends and marketing effects by viewing the product scan time, location, age, gender, and geographic distribution of the user who purchased the product in the background. , Adjust marketing content flexibly, grasp user habits more accurately, improve user experience, operate consumers in depth, and realize all-round digital operations.

  4. Commodity conversion flow: access; after the ability of one item, one code, merchants can obtain through the interface the fast reading that supports 0.5cm×0.5cm printing area; microcode, and pass on the commodity; coded In this way, the ability of consumers to jump to small programs, official accounts, marketing interaction, and big data operations can be realized, and hundreds of millions of goods sold are converted into traffic and precipitated.

   If the Internet is compared to an invisible web, then the Internet of Things is a world within reach. In the future, one thing, one code application scenarios will be mainly in the field of Internet of Things, and the ability of small programs to connect everything will also pass; one Wuyiyard gets further exploration. The future prospects of the technology behind one thing, one code are very broad. The development of the Internet of Things and big data will be fed back through commodities, and the link between things may be QR codes. Therefore, it can be deployed; the application of one product, one code helps retail businesses to dig deeper and reach consumers.

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