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What are the advantages of texture anti-counterfeiting can?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-01
Well-known speckle of nature always differ in thousands ways, such as fingerprints, wood, stone, zebra, ice pattern and the parched ground texture are random, unique, there can be no two exactly the same. Object material personalized texture anti-counterfeiting is physical structure for the identity of texture features an anti-counterfeiting technology. If added texture anti-counterfeiting on commodities, just like add a fingerprint to goods. Then small make up take you look at the texture anti-counterfeiting brings what advantages together. < br / >

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the benefits of such a, texture anti-counterfeiting: < br / >
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1. Structure characteristics, it is difficult to forge: paper, in the white pulp mixed with the black fiber is similar to a human hair, made of paper is clear, the random distribution of black fiber, printed with the paper label, each tag fiber texture distribution is different, find two fiber pattern is exactly the same piece of paper, like looking for two fingerprints is exactly the same, it is almost impossible.

  2. Check before they buy, put an end to fake: texture information is public, anti-counterfeit labels, serial number clearly marked on the consumer before shopping through free telephone, fax, Internet queries the authenticity, avoid false claim again after purchase and the return of the trouble. Also facilitate market supervision and management, make the fake goods to enter the circulation.

  3. Carries an anti-counterfeit label for the query results, accurate and reliable: texture texture feature of uniqueness determines the accuracy of the query result is one hundred percent.

  4. High rate of free inquiry, found that: provide consumers with free query, so fake discovery rate is higher.

  5. Information disclosure, recycling is invalid: texture information without confidentiality, counterfeiters generic labels, on the basis of the information cannot therefore recycling texture tag information is meaningless, and anti-counterfeiting labels made, easy shredding, super glue can't be stripped with complete from products.

  6. Labels are stolen, report the loss of remedy: texture anti-counterfeiting labels once stolen, only need to apply for, delete the corresponding file from the database, the robbers got tags can be scrapped. Pure digital if is copied, products enter the circulation is not report the loss.

  7. A fake report: real-time texture anti-counterfeiting fake goods found at a rate of one hundred percent, once appear, counterfeit, system can automatically through artificial, target, real-time tracking.

  8. Not a hacker, not stolen: texture anti-counterfeiting labels files without a secret, and websites are not afraid of hacker attacks, not afraid of the internal personnel illegally copied to reprint, printing more fraud.

  9. Network stability, wide coverage: message number and the Internet for all many-sided inquiry, stable and reliable network, coverage over any corner.

  10. Once adopted, long effective: texture anti-counterfeiting is the old original anti-counterfeiting means combined with modern information technology of the product. Ancient, the security principle of signal texture anti-counterfeiting long life vigor, it is not as short-lived as human made in traditional security products. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the grain security will become more and more convenient, practical and effective.

  11. Prevent the transregional, regulate channels: texture anti-counterfeiting provides effective technical means to prevent channeling goods, can help enterprises to standardize marketing channels, improve market share.

  12. Increase the selling point, help promotion: the grain security, improve the credibility of 4 products, sets up the enterprise image, enhance the consumers to buy the confidence, especially false a compensate ten commitments, promotion to increase selling point for the enterprise.

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