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What are the advantages of texture anti-counterfeiting?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-05
As we all know, the stripes in nature are always very different. For example, fingerprints, wood grain, stone grain, zebra grain, ice grain, dry and cracked ground and other textures are random, unique, and it is impossible to have two exactly the same. Texture label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting technology that uses the texture of the individual material structure of the object material as its identification feature. If texture anti-counterfeiting is added to the product, it is like adding fingerprints to the product. Then the editor will take you to take a look at the advantages of texture anti-counterfeiting.

   1. Advantages of texture anti-counterfeiting:

  1. Structural features, difficult to forge: When paper is made, black fibers similar to hair strands are mixed into white pulp, and the resulting paper has clear and randomly distributed black fibers. This kind of paper is used to print When making labels, the fiber texture distribution of each label is different. It is almost impossible to find two sheets of paper with exactly the same fiber pattern, as it is to find two people with exactly the same fingerprints.

  2. Check before you buy, to prevent counterfeiting: The texture information on the anti-counterfeiting label is public, and the serial number is clearly marked. Consumers can check the authenticity through toll-free telephone, fax, and Internet before shopping, and avoid after buying fakes The trouble of claiming and returning the goods. At the same time, it is also convenient for market supervision and management, making it difficult for fakes to enter the circulation link.

  3. Query conclusion, accurate and reliable: The uniqueness of the texture feature of the texture anti-counterfeiting label determines that the accuracy of the query result is 100%.

  4. Free inquiry, high discovery rate: Provide consumers with free inquiry, so the detection rate of fakes is higher.

  5. Information disclosure and recovery invalid: texture information does not need to be kept secret, counterfeiters cannot imitate labels based on this information, so it is meaningless to recycle texture label information, and anti-counterfeiting labels are made of fragile paper and super glue, which cannot be removed from the product. Uncover it completely and use it again.

  6. Remedy for stolen and lost labels: Once the texture anti-counterfeiting label is stolen, you only need to file an application to delete the corresponding file from the database, and the label obtained by the thief can be invalidated. If the pure digital is copied, the loss cannot be reported after the product enters circulation.

  7. Real-time report of counterfeiting: The detection rate of texture anti-counterfeiting fakes is 100%. Once counterfeiting occurs, the system can automatically switch to manual, lock the target, and track and strike in real time.

   8. Not afraid of hackers, not afraid of insider theft: The texture file of the texture anti-counterfeiting label does not need to be kept secret, so the website is not afraid of hacker attacks, nor is it afraid of illegal copying and reprinting by insiders.

  9. Stable network and wide coverage: SMS numbers and the Internet can be used for full multi-directional query, the network is stable and reliable, and the coverage is everywhere.

  10. Once adopted, long-term effective: Texture anti-counterfeiting is the product of the combination of ancient original anti-counterfeiting methods and modern information technology. The ancient anti-counterfeiting principle indicates the long-lived vitality of texture anti-counterfeiting. It is not as short-lived as traditional anti-counterfeiting products manufactured by humans. With the rapid development of Internet technology, texture anti-counterfeiting will become more and more convenient, practical and effective.

  11. Prevent the channeling of goods and standardize the channels: Texture anti-counterfeiting provides effective technical means to prevent the channeling of goods, which can help companies standardize marketing channels and increase market share.

   12. Increase selling points and help promotion: use texture anti-counterfeiting, improve the reputation of 4 products, establish corporate image, enhance consumer confidence in buying, especially the promise of fake one pays ten, and increase selling points for corporate promotions.

  The advantages of texture anti-counterfeiting I will introduce to you here. Texture anti-counterfeiting has fibers that can be torn out and easy to identify: the fiber can be taken out by picking or tearing off the label with the tip of a knife. Printing cannot imitate the characteristics, if you want to know more For more knowledge about texture anti-counterfeiting, you can consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience and will bring you one-stop service.

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