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What are the advantages of self-adhesive label printing

by:LG Printing     2021-08-26

1. The applicability of the self-adhesive label is strong:

Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive label does not need to be brushed, glued, dipped in water, pollution-free, and can be affixed when it is peeled off. , It saves time for labeling, can be applied to various occasions, it is very convenient and fast to use, and it is also very convenient to remove. Durability: The self-adhesive label has strong adhesion and flexible application. Different surface materials and adhesives can be selected according to different applications. It can achieve heat resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, deformation resistance, and no mold deterioration. .

2, self-adhesive label printing is very flexible:

(1) Compared with traditional printing, self-adhesive label printing has many advantages. For example, small investment, quick results, flexible printing methods, diverse functions, extensive market demand, and so on.

(2) The vast majority of products of sticker printing manufacturers are all trademarks and stickers. The format is small, and only one trademark printing machine can be used for multi-color printing, laminating, online film cutting, automatic waste discharge, hot stamping and other processes. The printing speed is faster and the formation of waste products is less. At the same time, self-adhesive printing will not be limited by the printing method. Traditional printing plants can choose to print with footprint machines or screen printing machines, while the latest printing plants can choose to print with flexographic printing or trademark printing machines.

3. The printing of self-adhesive labels has a very obvious demand. When printing self-adhesive labels, many industries have very obvious demand. Said it has already penetrated into our daily lives. The development trend of the self-adhesive printing industry is changing faster and faster, which will have a very large driving force.

4. The uses of self-adhesive labels are as follows: (1) Packaging Industry: Mark label, postal package, letter packaging, shipping goods label, envelope address label. (2) Commodity industry: price labels, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, and drug labels. (3) Chemical industry: labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of gasoline engine oil products, and labeling of various special solvent products. (4) Electronic and electrical labels used in the electronic and electrical industry: There are many durable self-adhesive labels affixed to various electrical appliances. These labels have a large unit area and a large number. (5) Logistics labels in the logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging in my country, and modern logistics has an increasing demand for variable-information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, and supermarket labels.

5. Wide variety of self-adhesive labels:

1. Thermal label Thermal paper is a paper material treated with a high thermal sensitivity coating. The highly sensitive surface material can be used for low-voltage print heads, so the wear on the print head is minimal.

2. Coated paper label Universal label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels for medicines, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, and cultural goods. Can not be used for thermal printer printing, used for ribbon printer printing.

3. Writing paper labels: multi-purpose label paper, used for information labels, barcode printing labels, especially suitable for high-speed laser printing, and also suitable for inkjet printing.

4. Synthetic paper labels are also called tearable labels on Taobao. They can be printed on ribbons, white or color.

5. The thermal synthetic label has both the thermal label function and the 'tear-proof' synthetic paper function. It is generally used for printing on thermal printers or ribbon printing.

6. Water-soluble paper label glue and facial paper are extracted from starch and quickly dissolve in water. It is a high-end environmental label.

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