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What are the advantages of QR code marketing?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-25
Two-dimensional code is also called QR code. At the beginning of its birth, it was mainly used for the identification of people, things, and things, as well as label' target='_blank'>anti-counterfeiting traceability, information exchange and storage. Today, with the evolution of QR code technology, enterprises have achieved more diversified functions using QR codes. By using QR codes, companies can label users; by using QR codes, companies can understand the source of users; by using QR codes, companies can activate and incubate potential customers.

  一. The use of QR code in daily life:

  Pay (Alipay, WeChat scan QR code to realize shopping, ordering, registration, etc.); member (show QR code electronic membership card in offline stores such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, etc.); electronic ticketing ( Subways, bus stations, tourist attractions, amusement parks); commodity traceability (storage, agricultural products anti-counterfeiting traceability, anti-sweeping goods); information display (personal business cards, web page information, clothing signs); sign-in (enterprise clocking in and out of work, conference sign-in); Access control (communities, office buildings, industrial parks); invitations (press conferences, industry exhibitions); connect to WiFi.

  二. Advantages of QR code marketing:

  1. Scan QR code to add friends, follow the official account, pay, etc. through WeChat, so that the QR code can be popularized in daily life, and also accelerate the development of this technology to a broader field, helping enterprises to achieve multi-field and multi-scene Marketing activities.

  2. Differentiated marketing strategies: Differentiated marketing strategies can be specified for multi-dimensional markets such as different products, regions, and groups of people to help companies segment the market, meet different market needs, and achieve accurate marketing.

  3. Low cost: Compared with media advertising and leaflet advertising, QR code marketing has a certain cost advantage. The presentation of the QR code has greatly reduced the number of pages and the printing cost. Regardless of the size of the company or the direction of the company’s business, the QR code can be used for marketing, which can promote the goods and services provided by the company and improve the company. The degree of importance.

  4. Enhanced interactive marketing effect: QR code marketing can activate, integrate, and optimize traditional media resources, drive online and offline interactive marketing, and enrich the forms of interactive marketing such as WeChat and Weibo, and enhance marketing effects; help The majority of traditional enterprises use smart phones as an important medium to transform a large number of customer groups online and offline, allowing enterprises to win at the starting line of the mobile Internet era.

  5. Market monitoring and promotion: real-time monitoring of market dynamics, brands can quickly adjust the direction and strategy of activities according to activity data reports, and increase the efficiency of activities.

  6. Facilitate the effect and adjustment of advertising: After the company launches the advertisement, after comparing the scanning data of each QR code, it can easily identify the cost-effective implementation method and implementation period, and help the company spend money on the blade . The QR code is based on the marketing of the smart phone media, which can accurately track and analyze the records of each media and each reader, including the consumer's scanning time, scanning address, scanning method and total number of scanning codes, etc. , To choose a marketing method for the company, which other media can’t do

  7. Big data analysis: Integrate consumer data, such as consumption preferences, age group, regional distribution, purchase behavior, etc., through scientific data analysis, to provide truthfulness for companies in product planning, market segmentation, and marketing planning. Reliable and effective basis.

   There are many scenarios in which QR codes are used, and the applicable enterprise types are different, and the functions and requirements they meet are also different. For companies and brands that are using WeChat marketing, the QR code with marketing automation technology can help them optimize official account operations and user precipitation, reach offline scenarios, and help lightweight customer acquisition. Companies place QR codes with participants in different channels to collect user information, label fans who scan the QR code, understand the source of user attention and participation, assist in the conduct of marketing activities, and analyze and quantify the effects of different channels.
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