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What are the advantages of QR code anti-smuggling?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-21
Two-dimensional code has now been applied to various fields, including social and people's livelihood, commerce, campus and other fields, and has also been widely used in the anti-counterfeiting industry. Why do companies want to know how to prevent the fleeing of goods? Under normal operating conditions, after the business is on track, it will seek to expand its scale. After the business scale is expanded, the risks of counterfeiting and counterfeiting will increase accordingly. The expansion of the scale will require more dealers. The number of dealers has increased and the difficulty of management has also increased. At the same time, due to my country's special national conditions and economy, different regions have different prices, which can easily lead to dealers' fouling behavior. Therefore, the QR code anti-smuggling method came into being.

  一. The advantages of QR code anti-smuggling are:

  1. Convenient for companies to supervise products: Managers can scan the QR code on the product to query detailed information about related products, warehousing and logistics information and other details.

  2. Multi-level distributor management: The QR code anti-smuggling system supports multi-level distribution levels, which can manage any link in the circulation channel, which can effectively prevent agents from fleeing goods, chaotic prices, and skipping levels. Realize online management of warehousing, commodities, and agents.

  3. Reduce enterprise costs: Under normal circumstances, managing the production and storage of products, tracing the goods, etc., requires a lot of financial and manpower, and the result is not very satisfactory. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system can monitor the product's situation in the circulation link, as well as the anti-smuggling early warning, which can accurately find the place and the person handling the early warning, saving the cost of the enterprise from the above aspects.

  4. Improve management efficiency: The QR code anti-smuggling system can provide enterprises with a big data platform, which is simple to operate and is conducive to statistical analysis of data, better management of enterprise products, improved efficiency, and strong practicability ;

  5. After the consumer purchases the product, scan the product QR code to check the authenticity. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting system will automatically determine whether it matches the consumer's query location and the previously recorded sales area. If it does not match If there is a possibility of diverting goods, the system will automatically issue a warning reminder of diverting goods to relevant personnel of the enterprise;

  6. The enterprise tracks the product logistics according to the system, quickly finds the location of the dealers who may be diverted, and carries out follow-up related processing.

  7. Interactive entrance. Consumers scan the QR code to follow the company's WeChat official account, receive coupons, complete voting registration, participate in research and other operational forms on their mobile phones, and return customer information to the company in real time. Through these real-time first-hand data, companies can maximize the effect of advertising and obtain valuable user interaction data.

   8. Anti-counterfeiting query. Consumer inquiries: Consumers can scan the QR code through the mobile phone QR code software to identify anti-counterfeiting; manufacturers can know the number of queries through the system background and the authenticity of the product can be known by scanning the QR code.

  The enterprise has established a QR code anti-sweeping system, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of fleeing goods and disorderly prices, greatly avoiding the loss of economy and reputation, and can also track and collect product quality information in all aspects, and can find problems in time. Solve and improve the quality of enterprise products. The emergence of the one-object one-code QR code anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling labeling system has made anti-counterfeiting labels more comprehensive in the relevant industry fields. Include some detailed information of the product in the QR code anti-counterfeiting label, and scan it with a mobile phone to quickly obtain detailed information from the manufacturer’s core information, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of anti-counterfeiting and anti-swifting goods, quickly and effectively combating anti-counterfeiting and anti-swiping goods behavior.

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