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What are the advantages of PET protective film printing

by:LG Printing     2021-08-28

PET protective film printing is also known as high temperature resistant polyester film. The advantages of PET protective film printing are excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability, and can be widely used in magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial films, packaging decoration, etc. field. PET protective film is currently the most common protective sticker on the market, and its chemical name is polyester film.

The characteristics of PET protective film are hard texture, good scratch resistance, and long use time, it will not turn yellow and oil like PVC materials. However, the general PET protective film relies on electrostatic adsorption, which is easy to foam and fall off, but even if it falls off, it can be reused after washing it in clean water. The price of PET protective film printing is much more expensive than that of PVC. When many well-known foreign brands of mobile phones leave the factory, they are randomly configured as PET protective stickers, using PET material to protect the stickers, making the workmanship and packaging more delicate. There are protective stickers specially made for hot-buy mobile phone models, which can be used directly without cutting.

There are also some products on the market of well-known brand mobile phone protective film that are also made of PET materials. PET protective film printing is a relatively comprehensive packaging film. It has good transparency and gloss, good air tightness and fragrance retention, moderate moisture resistance and low temperature moisture permeability. PET protective film has excellent mechanical properties. Its strength and toughness are the best among all thermoplastics. The tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than that of ordinary films, with good stiffness and stable dimensions. It is suitable for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags.

PET protective film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, and good resistance Chemical and oil resistance. PVC material protective film is a kind of plastic material with a long history. Although the rising star continues to cover the brilliance of PVC, it is famous and the cost of PVC is very low, so it still has a certain market influence in China. PET printing film, which is a professional protective film, is accompanied by The role of development in the information age is gradually expanding, and its impact cannot be underestimated. Compared with the PVC materials that are gradually fading out of the stage, PET currently accounts for 1/3 of the market share of the packaging film industry, and the situation of the three countries of PE protective film and OPP protective film.

PET labels include bright white PET labels, bright silver PET labels and matt silver PET Label. PET label is resistant to certain high temperature, corrosion resistance, printing ink needs UV curing, strong tensile strength, wear resistance, clear printing, bright and saturated color, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility. PET labels are widely used in electronic products, such as monitors, printers, power adapters for various digital products, telephones, mobile phone batteries and other product identification. Post-label processing can be optional: laminating (bright film, sub-film), oil (varnish, sub-oil), bronzing (various colors plus laser) bumps, local UV, embossing, etc.

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