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What are the advantages of implementing membership points?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-29
There are many ways to use member points, but the final result is to give members a discount based on the actual price. If the points only give members this kind of experience, instead of allowing customers to get more benefits, members don't have to bother to fight for it. Therefore, the member points system must truly bring enough benefits to members, so that customers can feel the value of members.

  一. Advantages:

  1. Member points are obtained in various ways

   If it is difficult to obtain member points, and the proportion of member points is too small, the member points will have no value. The method of obtaining membership points should not be too difficult nor too easy. The collection method should be integrated with the program. If the amount of points exchanged is large and the gifts are relatively valuable, it is relatively difficult to obtain points. On the contrary, it should be easier to get; these two should be relaxed, reasonable collocation, and real-time adjustment of the integral ratio.

  2. Member points should be used in more scenes

  Member points should be used in conjunction with member discounts or other preferential activities, so that the effect will be faster and better. On the contrary, if there are only membership points, there is no difference between the consumption of ordinary members, and therefore cannot stimulate the interest and consumption desire of members, indicating that members prefer promotion methods, discounts and price reductions are like discounts.

  3. The ultimate goal of membership points

  The ultimate goal of members earning points is to get more discounts. The points accumulated on the membership card should be consumed by the customer. Generally, merchants exchange points for gifts. Many gifts are slow-moving products or very cheap products, so customers are not interested in consumption. So just choose the very affordable points mall applet!

  二. To consumers:

  1. Member points are actually a disguised means of preferential treatment

   Merchants often discount consumers directly. This method is indeed the most direct, but it does not produce much stimulation to consumers. But spend the credit card on the member, and then let the member get the credit card. Exchange or cash consumption is very attractive to members, because members are already on the points account instead of direct consumption, so it is more effective for members.

  2. Points can be used to participate in activities organized by merchants

   Merchants who have activated the WeChat membership card function in Ruyi software can set up a big turntable, grab red envelopes, scratch cards, big turntable and other WeChat interactive games in the background of the software. In addition, you can also hold some member activities, such as how many points you can freely, so that members can have zero-distance contact with the business, and increase the number of business members.

  3. Member points are a gimmick to increase member stickiness and attract members to second consumption

  Ordinary consumers just contact members when they consume. After consumption, the trading relationship ends. In fact, this consumption model is very passive. But if consumers become members and earn points, then the first purchase is just the beginning. These points can firmly bind members and generate secondary consumption.

   The launch of the points mall applet is very affordable. According to the actual situation of the merchants, create WeChat applets that match the merchant floor scenes, and formulate points distribution rules based on the actual operation of the merchants, build a complete WeChat applet points system, and take on the outlets The issuance cost of, to provide merchants with a point of exchange supply chain. Energy-saving, worry-free, time-saving and low-cost point marketing.

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